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  1. GreatGoo

    GreatGoo Well-Known Member

    I have had the phone for 48 hours and right off the bat I was experiencing issues with my exchange email and calender. I kept getting warnings that they couldn't sync. After a little experimenting I'm just using my exchange email and everything is working fine. However, when I try to sync my calender now it says the system is low on memory. Currently I have nothing synced to my calender.

    I currently have 31 apps that are 29 MB in size. All saved on phone. I didn't install my SD till after I downloaded all my apps.

    76% of my phone memory is in use at all times. Does that seem a high?

    My HTC sync feeds currently uses 54MB of memory. My actual mail uses 33MB.

    MY DINC Memory:
    Total - 404MB
    Active - 166MB
    Inactive - 176MB
    Available - 96MB

    I'm guessing I have so much memory in use right now that I can't add my calender and sync it because of its size.

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

  2. GreatGoo

    GreatGoo Well-Known Member

    Hold on a second. How does my phone only have a total of 404MB? The phone should have 8GB of memory correct?

    Is there a difference between memory and storage? Because I have 98% available storage.
  3. najaboy

    najaboy Well-Known Member

    You've answered your own question. Storage and memory are not synonymous.

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