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  1. summoandroid

    summoandroid Active Member

    I love my s3. The only complaint I have is when I have my bluetooth headset on the volume of the caller is to low. I use Plantronics Voyager, Voyager + and Voyager Hd.

    On my Motorola Photon I had no problems with this. On my old Iphone 4 I had no problem.

    Anyone have an idea for me?

    I use this for business every day.


  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Not sure on this. Any way you can try a non Plantronics headset? I have the Motorola Elite Flip and the volume is very loud. My Bluetooth volume bar is maybe at 25%.
  3. mccoubd

    mccoubd Member

    This is also my biggest complaint on the S3 - I use a Motorola Bluetooth earpiece and I struggle to hear the person I am speaking to. This problem also existed on the S2.

    One would have thought that Samsung would have fixed this in the S3. :confused:
  4. spartanrob

    spartanrob Active Member

    Similar problem, thought it was just me. I use my S3 through my Ford Sync and I have to turn the radio volume way up to hear the callers, but then the Sync system volume is way too loud.
  5. I use a headset by "SoundID" (510 model). They are known for extremely loud headsets. I never have a problem hearing after getting this. It blows away my old Jabra. If you look around you can find them for cheaper. I paid $40 for mine.
  6. mccoubd

    mccoubd Member

    Have you tried it with the Samsung GS3 on Jellybean though?

    There are loads of posts on the net about this problem and I'd be surprised if a specific headset cured the problem.

    Be interested to hear if you have tried it as above.

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