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  1. PaulL

    PaulL Member

    I listen to Pandora on the Eris and podcasts on the HTC provided media player. At full volume with earphones, the volume is still quite low, much lower than what my blackberry puts out, and not very good. Any way to up the volume besides the side volume rocker? Would a different media player application give me a better volume output or is it a problem built into the phone?

  2. Sounds like a problem with your earphones. I find the eris volume to be too loud.
  3. PaulL

    PaulL Member

    I've been using my Ipod earbuds and they are too loud with my blackberry.
  4. r00t0101

    r00t0101 New Member

    The issue I seem to have is the music skips on some of my songs & when shuffling the songs it picks up my imported ringers. Am I doing something wrong? I had created two separate folders for music & ringers on the SD card. Also, another issue is when I am done listening I have to click on pause. Is there a way to stop the music player? It seems I had better music quality w/my voyager than the Eris's default player. Does anyone recommend a music player to download?
  5. pingram3541

    pingram3541 Member

    Mine skips too using the default media player. I'm sure it's background activities like mail and facebook widgets running. I'm gonna try killing those apps for my drive into work today and see how it goes. I like how the bluetooth still overrides the headset and that the speaker also still works when the bluetooth is connected, unlike my previous phone.

    I also like how the controls are integrated into the lock screen but there is no way to close the app once it has started except to pause and exit (but it doesn't really exit), it stays running in the background.

    I use advanced task manager free to "kill" it (and the task manager itself) and that seems to work really well. I can make it through a whole day on a full charge while keeping myspace, twitter, facebook, and mail widgets running and I turn my bluetooth on for several hours of driving daily as well.

    I would prefer an update to the HTC media player personally than to download a third party. I have Pandora too but only use it for streaming audio. I have noticed a lower than expected volume too. Hopefully a soon-to-be future update for the HTC stuff will includes fixes for volume and skipping.
  6. r00t0101

    r00t0101 New Member

    Ok, found the issue with media player skipping & co-mingling the music w/my ringtones. Make sure you create folders (ringtones, music) on your removable media. In my case I had the folders but they had different names. After renaming the folders everything works great. Hope this helps for anyone who is experiencing this issue.

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