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Lowest volume too loud - Media via headestGeneral

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  1. no66

    no66 Active Member

    If I want low volume while playing music at night in bed, I find that 1 is too loud!

    I know a lot are asking for higher max volume, but this is quite irritating. My old Iphone 3GS was a lot finer in adustment.

    Anyone with a solution?

  2. semus

    semus Well-Known Member

    yes, try poweramp or any other music player that has a good equalizer, and lower the Pre-amp.

    im not sure if its the best solution, but thats what i did
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  3. richardop

    richardop Member

    Our app Fine volume control V2 allows you to set the volume lower than the default lowest value.

    It works with any media player app, video app etc.
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