LTE has arrived

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  1. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    I realized last night that for the first time I have an LTE connection here in Trenton. Picked up the phone at about 7pm and there it was 4G LTE. Now I don't know if it's expanded coverage from Philly or it it's new coverage throughout New Jersey, but I will find out today in my travels at work.

  2. tedj101

    tedj101 Member

    You're lucky! I live in Wilmington and they announced LTE service for Philly/Wilmington a week ago. I haven't gotten any LTE ever despite moving around in this area quite a bit.

    By contrast, my daughter (who goes to school in Pittsburgh) got LTE just when they announced it for Philly. I haven't seen any announcement for Pittsburgh at all...


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