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  1. mxcoope

    mxcoope New Member

    Has anyone gotten LTE to work yet. According to their web site, their new AT&T sim cards allow you to use LTE on equipped phones. I ordered a new micro sim and installed it today in my Motorola Atrix HD running CM 10.2 and I cannot connect to LTE. I live in the Nashville, TN area and I know that AT&T has this area fully covered, so that should not be the problem. Anybody had success yet connecting to LTE on Net10?

  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    I wanted to ask if you'd gotten your NET10 LTE working...I'm in the process of acquiring an LTE-capable phone with the intent of running it on NET10...the latest TOS information on their website says they will now give you 2.5GB of LTE data before throttling you back to 2G for the remainder of the month.

    LTE now available on Net10 Wireless

    There's a September YT video here from a guy running a Note 1 using NET10 hitting a server in Tampa with 14Mb down and 6Mb up...

    Note 1 net 10 4gLTE - YouTube

    He posted a second video from the same time with 15Mb down and 4Mb up...

    Att galaxy note net10 4glte - YouTube

    Another YT video shows an iPhone 5 hitting a Tampa server at 23Mb down and 1Mb up on Straight Talk.

    StraightTalk Iphone 4G LTESpeedTest - YouTube

    I'm looking to get an LTE capable LG phone in the next week and get it up to speed...will post results when I do...although I'll likely start a new thread on LTE speeds...if someone doesn't beat me to it. Thanks.
  3. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    And now...yes...I can confirm I am receiving LTE speeds and connections through does work. Speeds so far in the first 48 hours have been 10-18Mbps on the download side and 5-7 Mbps on the upload. My connection info in the phone verifies I am connected to LTE service. I am going to create a separate post with screenshots so others can add theirs.

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