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Lucid Camera ResolutionSupport

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  1. bonezzz

    bonezzz New Member

    Snap Pix and in details it shows 2240x1344 245kb but viewing it from sd card or when copy past it into a folder and viewing it shows 320x240 22k - it is set too W3 in settings.... not sure why it is so small

  2. fjorn1

    fjorn1 Active Member

    Maybe the second one is front cam..
  3. bonezzz

    bonezzz New Member

    no it is from the back cam
  4. Mom2em

    Mom2em New Member

    I have the same problem too... would love to find an answer :)
  5. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    Have you tried taking pictures using other resolution settings? Try taking two different pictues, one with a resolution of 2560x1920 and the other with a resolution of 640x480, and see if you still experience the same problem.

    Also, make sure you're not low on space where the pictures are being saved.
  6. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    My gf seems to have this same issue. Maybe it needs to change the settings to save pics to the SD card? Everytime she texts or emails me a picture, it's tiny when I know it's taken in a higher resolution.

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