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  1. Mattyfatz

    Mattyfatz Member

    My entry into the android world is the LG Lucid. Did I screw up? The phone has a pathetic battery, and it seems a bit glitchy. Recently, for no apparent reason, I can only access one email account (gmail) and the Hotmail and Yahoo accounts won't update. Also the navigation pop up keeps asking me what I'd like to use for navigating... When I'm not trying to navigate. It doesn't even look like my nav apps are running?
    the other issue I have is the Teathering function..Maas anyone had success with this?

    Thank in advance for the help.

  2. noseph

    noseph Well-Known Member Contributor

    FoxFi (free in the Play Store) is a great Tethering app and has worked on my wife's Lucid for several months now. I believe to resolve the navigation pop up issue you need to select the option that is not VZW Navigation and it will not come back (I am not absolutely sure of this fix, since my wife stopped at our local VZW store and one of the staff took care of it for her).
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