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    In our part of the harsh climate. In winter it is very cold, very hot in summer.
    Winter on the street is not very desirable, that most people have to sit at home and enjoy the benefits of civilization.
    Earlier, I would not let anything like that. This is my first complete application. No stick XNA ​​GameStudio, later VisualStudio and XCode (cocos2d-x). A month ago, started programming live wallpapers on Eclipse.
    Flying hearts Valentine's Day. When you touch the break. You can adjust both the number and size of hearts, change the wallpaper.
    In the future, will be improved functionality.

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    updated: added slider for number of hearts to both version
    and added video demonstration on GooglePlay
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    MULTANKS - cartoon tanks.
    The idea of ​​creating this game revolved probably not more than six months ago. At the same time made ​​the first sketches for design, plot and characters . As it usually happens in the summer, went on vacation . And still could not reach the hands ( summer, sun , haymaking , repairs in the apartment ) . And coming from vacation in October , spent accumulated during a holiday at work, began to pursue the job. Usually it is in their free time , dinner time .
    Wrote on bare SDK Android without engines.
    The game did not include much that I imagined at the beginning of the project. But impatience forced him to publish and display of the testing stage is today. I think if the number of units exceeds my expectations continue to implement various functionality to the game .
    So, the idea of the game: "For us Russia , Moscow Arbat and ... ". Not allow the enemy breakthrough and hold positions at all costs. Player is given a self-propelled gun ( SPG ) . As the destruction of the enemy , the player earns points (experience) , the accumulation of which can access other heavier artillery installations. And here was not without lendlizinga , the game sold two imported ACS, which I highly recommend buying.

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