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  1. exisapps

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    So far as the market is full of spam in live wallpapers category, we will release several real 3D and HD quality lwps soon.

    Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper is the 1st one.

    It has a lots of predefined themes and customization options.
    Space, aliens, fruits, ghosts, nature and more!

    Looks definitely amazing and runs very smoothly on most devices, especially tabs!

    24 hours demo mode with all themes and all customizations available.

    Download from Google Play
    Please enjoy!

    Version 2.0 released

    • 5 new amazing themes (space, nature and more)
    • 2 completely reworked themes from the prev. version
    • New options and customizations, including custom colors and themes images usage
    • Great cpu usage optimization
    • All known bugs fixes

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  2. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    If you like our wallpaper, please comment on the market. Thanks!
  3. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Thanks everyone for your great support with Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper.

    Take a look at Metaballs HD 2.0
    You will be really impressed!
  4. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Metaballs was republished at google play store, please uninstall and update
  5. knightpanther

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  6. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    We are planning to add interactivity so you can move balls across the screen, do you want it?
  7. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper is now interactive. You can fully enjoy amazing liquid effects with finger touch.

    Version 3.0 contains the following changes:

    • All new interactivity feature
    • Interface improvements
    • Fullscreen preview from settings
    • Dramatic memory usage improvements
    • Performance optimization
    • Full HD image support
  8. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Dont understand what did you mean?)
  9. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Ah, its because its really hard for moblie device to handle many objects, too many math operations are needed to compute such effects
  10. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Version 3.5 came up!
    - New Night City theme
    - New Phoenix theme
    - New Plastic World theme
    - Amazing interface improvements
    - Performance optimization
  11. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Updated to version 3.6

    • Auto-pan feature for those devices that does not support wallpaper scrolling by default (to use Settings -> Advanced -> Auto-pan)
    • Brand new icon design
    • Additional icon for devices with high density screens (xhdpi)
  12. exisapps

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  13. gingersnapgirl

    gingersnapgirl Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have nothing useful to contribute here, but am I the only one who read the title of this post as "Meatballs HD Live Wallpaper"?
  14. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member

    Dont think so, you're not alone!
  15. exisapps

    exisapps Active Member


    • NEW improved settings ui
    • NEW app name
    • Android 2.1-2.3 fixes

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