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  1. Cereal Killa

    Cereal Killa Member

    Inite me please 567 480 673

  2. djumbeman84

    djumbeman84 New Member

    Add me Please 235 583 972
  3. naterss

    naterss New Member

    Add me: 304 059 379

    I have some questions. Some were already answered.

    Does having 10 guns increase chance of winning battles vs 5?

    Does having more people in a gang increase your chance of winning?
  4. invite 226658370
  5. thecrazing

    thecrazing Well-Known Member

    Whats the difference in fun factor between this and Gang Wars, which I've grown tired of?
  6. ampersand

    ampersand Member

    It is a really fun, addicting game. 258747201.
  7. thecrazing

    thecrazing Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but I mean, what makes it moreso than Gang Wars?
  8. ampersand

    ampersand Member

    It probably will get boring after a while. I haven't played Gang Wars, but I'm sure it's the same basic principles, rules, etc.
  9. thecrazing

    thecrazing Well-Known Member

    It seems that way from the way you guys are talking, down to the annoying friendcodes. So there's no secret weapon functionality that adds a whole new dimension to it? It's just a fresh face and a new theme that sorta.. 'tricks' you into thinking its new?
  10. raginghamster

    raginghamster New Member

    added all above, here's mine: 122 646 301
  11. onesicpuppy

    onesicpuppy New Member

    add me too... I play every day (throughout the day, in fact... hey, what else am I supposed to do at work, right? lol)

  12. zoidberg

    zoidberg New Member

    My code is:

  13. nifer

    nifer Well-Known Member

    my code:
    551 603 382

  14. wildrider

    wildrider New Member

    Just giving it a try...adding everyone. Please add me 828950832
  15. ohgeez

    ohgeez Member

    Gonna try this out too.
  16. The Professor

    The Professor New Member

    I'm new to posting info., so here I go. I play the moblying games everyday, here are my numbers with levels:

    Dungeon Quest: 698-273-795 level 69

    vampire: 381-328-878 level 56

    mafia: 970-795-415 level 49

    zombies: 420-668-678 level 17
  17. Jocko

    Jocko New Member

    Add me: 948 121 300 948121300

    For those just starting this game: stay small gang size and keep increasing your assets (cash flow). Be sure to be able to afford to buy 1 of each equipment (weapon, supplies & vechicles) for each gang member. When you can afford that then and only then should you increase your gang size. Otherwise if you increase your gang you will constantly be attacked and lose all the time!
  18. toonslayer

    toonslayer New Member

    here is my code 922452935 here is also my wifes 409518625
  19. ficklebeast

    ficklebeast New Member

    I just started, but think this game is cool... Add me: 799021440
  20. BigBeefe

    BigBeefe New Member

    813 444 894

  21. whatever

    whatever New Member

    Add me 562 560 591
  22. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member

  23. joemo22

    joemo22 New Member

    add me 301464652 I added all of above
  24. francesca923

    francesca923 New Member

    How do we collect survivors? I know we can buy them but is there any other way?

    add me ; 658 712 862
  25. gutantog

    gutantog New Member

    Add me please 829506298

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