m1ndh4x8r stock ROM GB2.3.5|OCKernel|Stable|Apps2SD|Premium Features

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  1. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member


    m1ndh4x8r GB2.3.5|OCKernel|Stable|Apps2SD|DATA2SD|Premium Features



    Based on RUU Marvel S HTC Europe 2.13.401.2
    806-120Mhz Ondemand default
    included tun cifs utf8 modules
    add new sio scheduler
    Odex ROM 104mb free
    Support Swap Ext4. init.d Scripts
    Added different governors
    Stock SenseUI
    Extended Quick Settings by elf2009
    Modified HTC Wallpapers
    Added Herring Skin by slobo2712
    Sense 3.0 Lockscreen And MMS
    Added V6 Supercharger thanks to zeppelinrox
    Auto Battery Calibration after newly flashed
    SD Card read speed Increased
    Auto zipalign during boot
    VM Heap size Changed to 32M
    Removed HTC and Android Spyware
    Newest Busybox
    Newest adfree hosts
    Advance Power Menu
    CRT On Off Animatiom
    Removed Bootsound
    New Bootscreen Downanimation
    Sense 3.5 Font
    Sensation and ICS sounds only on deodexed rom
    4x5 App Drawer
    Fast GPS fix by d33ps1x
    added beats mod - by fuss132
    Power+Home button = screenshot save to camera shots

    Updated Apps:
    Google Search Box
    Market with Navigation
    Superuser and su

    Preinstalled Apps: Note will be erased if Hard reset is applied if you want to reset phone to default settings factory just reflash ROM.
    ES File Explorer
    No frills CPU control
    Gingerbread keyboard
    ICS Keyboard
    Flash Player 11
    Script Manager

    APPS2SD Installation
    Copy ROM to SDCARD
    Use Minitool Partition Wizard to resize SDcard in Following format: NOTE: use card reader not in phone usb.
    1st-FAT32 - size any
    2nd-Ext4 - Not more than 2GB
    3rd-Linux Swap - mine is 512MB
    All primary

    In CWM recovery
    Wipe Factory, Data, Cache and Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Install Zip from SD Card
    After finish reboot
    Configure settings
    Download and install link2sd from play store and run app choose Ext 4
    Then Reboot again. You can now use Link2sd to link apps to sdcard.

    You tell me


    Code (Text):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?v2yatmh5upy16d6
    Custom ROM for HTC WILDFIRE S
    Marvel a510e GSM

    Benefits of Premium ROM
    Fast Stable
    More Memory
    No Lags
    Extended Features

    Cooked by m1ndh4x8r in DSIXDA's Kitchen
    OC Kernel source code by Alquez and CM7
    Latest Sibere and Droidzone Data2sd
    Supported by UOT Kitchen


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  2. samy266

    samy266 New Member

    works great!!thx man,one more thing..there's a problem,it show arabic words separated,how can i fix it?
  3. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    This is highly regarded as one of the best roms for the Wildfire S (and it looks like this is now improved more). I have been running it for about a month and find it awesome. I only had the phone a few weeks & had low memory errors so decided to root & this is the rom I loaded. With the overclocked CPU I can now run things that would never run on standard phone & the extra storage makes this little phone a Gem. I have never had a problem with anything on this rom. If anyone is considering running it JUST DO IT!!! :D
  4. flachead

    flachead New Member

    Really wanna try this but it won't boot for me. Says it installed from the SD fine but when i reboot it just sits on the HTC screen for an hour. I rebooted the phone again and it flickered on and off 3 or 4 times then just back to the HTC loading screen again.

    Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?
  5. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    Not sure exactly what is causing your problem. Have you partitioned your SD card as described in the first part. 1 little point that is easily overlooked is when you set up the partitions on sd card using "minitool partition wizard" on the pc make sure all 3 partitions are set to PRIMARY. Also make sure in CWM you wipe all data including Dalvik Cache in "advanced settings" If you follow the instructions fully you should not have any problems.
  6. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    You might have marvelc wildfire s, this is only for marvel a510e wildfire s. Some phones don't support overclock. Srry.
  7. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    Hey Disciplexone I was running the earlier version of this ROM using data2sd & found it great with only minor lag sometimes (low end phone), this time you have posted it you have left the data2sd option off. I have flashed the new ROM tonight and this time I am trying it with link2sd. I will see how it compares. I am loving the new updated version so far. Thanks for all the great work you have done. As i mentioned earlier you turn this little phone into a awesome little device.... :thumbup:

    benchmark with full Batt.
  8. flachead

    flachead New Member

    My hboot says MARVEL so i'm assuming I have plain old Marvel, unless i need to look somewhere else?

    I used the mini-partition tool, all set to primary, wiped cache, data/factory, dalvik and battery stats. :(

    Any other ideas?

    edit: Device Name: HTC Wildfire S A510e
    maybe i'm just unlucky or something
  9. umair42

    umair42 Active Member

    where is the deodexed version of this rom?????????
  10. holyoblation

    holyoblation New Member

    You're rom works beautifully. 100%. Thank you.
  11. draconian

    draconian New Member

    m1ndh4x8r you are the best i really luv it btw i flashed the cake kernel, installed the no-frill cpu controler and it works super fine, as for ppl askin to use alternative to app2sd i find no reason to as i flashed the app2sd.zip after partitioning my sd with CWM (sorry for the long post [​IMG])
    my main problem is the arabic letters are scattered apart in all apps tried to follow APK-fire tutorials to fix this but in vain or maybe i am doing it wrong, so how do u think i can fix this?
    cheers mate
    EDIT: found this post trying it now
    wohooo !!! success this method works just perfect
  12. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    Just an update for anyone interested. I have been running this ROM now for almost 1 week & still LOVE IT. I have tried a few different settings with the included "no frills cpu" & think I have found a nice balance to get good performance & batt life. All apps update fine & I am finding Link2sd to be great. I have installed plenty of stuff from market etc & still have around 80mb mem free. Phone is as stable as stock with much better performance.:)
  13. Cold Ice

    Cold Ice Member

    Really nice Rom!
    But how can I get Data2SD working on this? Please help. The Data2SD installer on XDA is down.
  14. shikata6

    shikata6 New Member

    disciplexone nice Rom!
    I have a problem with task manager, the application launches fine from quick settings but does not function properly. Killing all the apps and doing a refresh brings all the same apps back up again. Can some help fixed this problem?
  15. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    Here is the file that was originally on XDA. I found it on my PC.


    I had a few lag issues with Data2sd on the rom but did not try too many different governor etc settings.

    The task manager in this rom & many roms doesn't function well. I use another task killer instead & find that works for me. I did see a fix once on XDA but never tried it.
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  16. Cold Ice

    Cold Ice Member

    Thanks for the Link. I installed the Data2SD and Looked in the Internal Storage and it shows only 100Mb. I have an 2GB EXT3, did I make something wrong?
  17. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    It should be ext4 for data2sd to work.
  18. Cold Ice

    Cold Ice Member

    Formated into EXT4, installed the Script above and still 134MB Internal Storage. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    lower your ext partition to 1.2gb. methinks you didnt install this rom why do you have 134mb when this rom installed is 114mb only. follow Htc thing rom install instructions. data2sd wont work on stock rom.
  20. Cold Ice

    Cold Ice Member

    So there is no way to get Data2SD working on this Rom?
  21. daft909punk

    daft909punk Member

    So this wont work for the metro pcs version?
  22. straximus

    straximus New Member

    I installed this ROM on my wife's phone, and it doesn't want to play h.264 encoded videos. The built in player doesn't play them at all, and MX Player will play them but very slowly - as though the h.264 hardware accel isn't there.
  23. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Video supported formats:

    • Playback: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9)
    • Recording: .3gp
  24. straximus

    straximus New Member

    Except for WMV9, those are just container formats, not codecs. They can be encoded using Xvid, H.264, or any number of other codecs. Mp4s encoded with Xvid are playing fine on her phone, but not when encoded with the h.264 codec. My understanding is the Wildfire S supports both of these, among others.
  25. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Look dude, find an app that plays those formats, cause I'm not a VLC or htc programmer otherwise use other rom. Go for cm7 or cm9. And try those h.264 videos from outer space cause I only know mkv and mp4.

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