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M6 GOOGLE Android 4.0 Google SMART TV BOX Cortex-A9 1.4GMHZ DDR 1G Built-in Wifi

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  1. josh77

    josh77 Member

    Hi there,

    i've bought this android tv box, but after a few minutes using it, it frezes and sometimes reboots it self. After this i've contacted the seller that gave me the link for a new firmware. I've copy all the files (factory_update_param.aml, refee120604-120704.zip, uboot-wyst-a11.bin, uImage_recovery ) to an SD card, power of the box, pressed the reset button and power on the box. the result is that i don't see anything in the screen and when i turn the box on, nothign appears. I'm new with android system, can someone give me a help on this? Is it possible to recover the system?

    Thank you.

  2. scorpi00n

    scorpi00n Member

    First download SDTool from: V-Play download section
    Then follow these instructions from another member on here

    I had the same problem on the same box a few days ago. After several hours of research this was the solution.
  3. josh77

    josh77 Member


    i didn't have xp, have to create a dual boot with xp professional, but when i try to "Make SDCard" under xp, anything happened... Do i need to install anything ?

    by the way, i'm using a 4gb sdcard, is that a problem?

  4. scorpi00n

    scorpi00n Member

    I dont know if 4gb has an affect or not. But what I have noticed is it works better if you format the SD card to fat32 before you attempt to us SDTool.
    Also make sure the SD card folder is not open when you click "Make SDCard" as it wont work.
  5. josh77

    josh77 Member

    I think it is formated with fat32 and the several times i tried, the SD card folder isn't open. What is the version and language of windowx XP you are using?

  6. scorpi00n

    scorpi00n Member

    I dont actually have it installed, I boot XP Mini off Hirens Boot software.
    Maybe try a 1gb SD, thats what I used.
  7. josh77

    josh77 Member


    i've tried again with 1gb FAT32 under windows xp professional and nothing happens.
    I've tried the Hirens xp mini, but i don't know how to mount the SD... lol. Any clue?

  8. scorpi00n

    scorpi00n Member

    I use a little card reader adapter which it detects straight away..

    Do you run SDTool as Admin?
    Are you sure your picking the right drive letter when trying to run SDTool?
    My SD card usually comes up with 4-5 drive letters but only 1 is the main one.
    I'm not sure but if nothing else works maybe you files are corrupt?.?
    If that's the case let me know and ill give you links to the firmware I used.
  9. josh77

    josh77 Member

    My laptop as a built in sd card reader, and it isn't detected by hiren's mini xp. On windows XP, it only has 1 drive letter, SDTools only pick one.
    Can you give me the links to the firmware you have used?

    thanks a lot.
  10. josh77

    josh77 Member

    well, i tried in another computer with windows XP and created the SD...
    Now i've made the steps, but after flashing the first time, i powered it off, hold reset , power on and nothing happened. Now when i restart the box, apears android and stop right there...
    Any sugestion?
  11. josh77

    josh77 Member

    finally i got it working, but its like when i turn it on for the first time, its constantly freezing and randomly reboting . Is your's woking well? Can you give me the links for your firmware?

  12. scorpi00n

    scorpi00n Member

    Sent you a pm with the firmware.
  13. joselumalo

    joselumalo Member

    Can you give me the links for your firmware?

  14. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer


    I just saw this topic...

    I just want to warn you, device mentioned in first post is Refee M6 device which is built on Amlogic AML8726M platform and if it runs at 1.4 Ghz, that's not good for sure and highly overclocked...

    Specs for AML8726M cpu: 800 MHz (up to 1 Ghz, but seems not very stable).

    If I'm wrong please correct me, I do have specs of Refee's M6 device...
  15. mlalnp

    mlalnp New Member

    Hi josh77, can you just send me a link to this firmware, for download. I need this urgently.
  16. mfaay

    mfaay Member

    I am also interested in the download link.
    Why don't you just post the link in this forum??
  17. nammen

    nammen Member


    also I'm interested, please post the link, please :)
  18. domifer

    domifer New Member

    me too, I just followed all the steps and my android tv box is stuck in the v-play logo after updating...
    Can you post it or at least Pm me with the links please?
    Here is my device:

    Amlogic -8726 M3 Cortex A9 Android 4.0 Google TV Box DDR 1GB+4GB WIFI+3D+HD 1080P+Internet TV Box
    Link: http://www.******.com/En/product/html/?165.html
    Also: Anyone has the links to the original recovery image ? I have emailed and messaged the manufacturer several times but they just do not answer me! :(
    Thank you!
  19. Adainair

    Adainair New Member

    Hi to @All
    I dont have the box, but i wants to buy one of M6.
    Can you tell me your impressions with this box.
    How the box works with 1GB of memory can you compare it with boxes with 512 MB ​and can you find custom firmware or use the stane1983?
  20. maikl1987

    maikl1987 Member

  21. mfaay

    mfaay Member

    Just got a link to new firmware for the Refee box (f16ref).
    Did not have time yet to test it, but wanted to share it instantly.

    201209.rar - Uploadingit
  22. lukeomichael

    lukeomichael Member

    I have bought one of these: refeedigital(DOT)com(SLASH)pro_view.aspx?id=67

    Can anyone tell me if there is a ROOT firmware release for this - is it the one mentioned earlier in this thread?
  23. prekopix

    prekopix New Member

    I have the same but not lucky to find new firmware over internet.
  24. x_justin

    x_justin Member

    I made a rooted version of the stock firmware, with instructions from stane1983. It's working great (still LAN issue):

    Hope this is a step further.:D

    I'm new here so I can't post links, but take a look at the oval elephant forum.
  25. x_justin

    x_justin Member

    Hope it's working in the second post:
    Oval Elephant • View topic - Stock FW with ROOT available now!

    @Stane1983, thanks for your tips. It's actually 1GHz and the box has a f16ref board. Some chinese people are counting the GPU speed with the CPU speed, so that's why it sais 1.4GHz.

    I saw that you are a great developer. I don't want to ask you to do more work, because I think you did enough for the ATV boxes, but do you know where to start when we want to solve a big ethernet issue? It's only running half duplex after enabling ethernet. Before enabling, both orange and green leds are blinking (but obviously ethernet is not activated within Android so internet don't work). When enabled, only a few Mbits is the max speed. This makes streaming impossible. Fixed IP doesn't make sense, the router reports a 10mbit half duplex connection.

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