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  1. madprofessorus

    madprofessorus New Member

    Hello to all,I have this tablet from a friend of mine,it has a 2.3.3 android version,and the kernel is,the name of the tablet is M799frb,and I am looking for a new rom for this tablet,it's own tablet sucks,every time it reboots it sets itself in chinese,and all the settings are reseted,I have to add them up again.Here is a link with the technical details

    $67.00 - TinyDeal - 7 Android 2.3 WiFi Tablet with Camera (ARMv6/4GB HD) L-77074

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Yeh these cheapo devices often become homesick. It is buggy software.

    Unfortunately as is often the case with these cheap things, the manufacturer/culprit responsible doesn't want to be found. So it appears there's no software updates available....sorry.
  3. madprofessorus

    madprofessorus New Member

    I see,If u see on this website on the comments,someone reports about a rom which is for an equal tablet,although is not 100% compatible
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    That's so often the problem, not 100% compatible. Many of these devices share a common chip-set, but they're using different wifi modules, touch-screens, Bluetooth, sound chips, 3G, etc. Some software(ROMs) might be completely compatible with another device, problem is most of the time we don't know, there's just so many of these devices now, often with no identifying information, coming from literately hundreds of manufacturers. Many of whom will only be in business for a few months. Providing support and updated software costs money, so many of them don't bother. They hope to make a quick buck and then move onto something else, like counterfeit Gucci handbags or something. That's the Chinese way. We've probably all heard stories of milk laced with melamine and toys with toxic lead paint.

    Making cheap Chinese tech products(or any cheap Chinese products for that matter) is an extremely cut-throat business, Profit margins, if any, are extremely thin. Products are often flawed and poor quality, e.g. your resetting to defaults tablet. Only a few of the strongest, financially stable, companies survive the long term.

    To make matters worse, many completely different devices might share the same brand-name or model number. There's probably dozens of manufacturers making tablets called Flytouch now, all completely different. http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?SearchText=flytouch&IndexArea=Products&fsb=y
  5. madprofessorus

    madprofessorus New Member

    I see,the only good thing in this case is that my friend didn't bought this one,it was offered to him as a present,from a local phone company,so he didn't spent any money on that.I am just looking if i can make it work properly

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