M835 Running CM7.2 Rom WIFI FIX PLZ

  1. SokkoTM

    SokkoTM New Member

    Ok thank you for looking at this thread but appearently I'm using the android device Huawei M835. I'm a noob :p So I installed CWM, and installed the CM7.2 ROM. :( I found out later that the wifi does not work so I can not do wifi tether anymore... Help is appreciated on how to fix the wifi.... :(

  2. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    need more info ..i am running cm 7.2 for ideos u8150 . with every thing work
    ng except accelorometer . idk your problem ? you may be runing a different unstable rom . otherwise i have no idea ..

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