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  1. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    Is there a guide to Rooting from a mac anywhere?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Rooting via a Mac shouldn't be any different to using a Windows PC (or Linux, come to that) afaict. Provided you install the Mac version of the Android SDK "starter package" you'll be able to use ADB as described to "push" files to the sdcard and run any required commands. There's nothing PC-specific to it. If the handset can be mounted as a removable drive when connected via USB it's even more straight-forward.
  3. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    yep can mount it as disk drive. Followed the guide and downloaded the SDK package but really need a step by step guide as I have never rooted b4
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    What is your build number as displayed in Settings/About phone? If you've installed the recent OTA update ( then this guide should be followed. If you're still running the release version ( then the VISIONary method (as posted here) should work, or this newer alternative method.

    I rooted my own 1.34.405.5 Desire Z using VISIONary and flashed the engineering HBOOT via ADB, but I've since used the gfree method to get the genuine S-OFF. Neither are as daunting as they seem; the instructions are straightforward.

    Any further questions, ask away. Who knows, they might stimulate me into consolidating everything into an up-to-date rooting guide. ;)
  5. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    ah that might be the problem. Im updated
  6. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    Yeah this seems very in depth. I have to basically wipe my phone according to the guide and I have no idea how to completely back it up before hand. I might just wait for root that doesn't involve a downgrade
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    All I ever really bother about are my Contacts, and they're sync'd with GMail via my Google account. Paid apps are also linked to the account via the Market so can be reinstalled easily. Free apps aren't remembered so reinstalling those will require a bit of searching the Market. SMS messages I never bother with. Anything on the sdcard will be retained.

    Of course, once rooted you can use Titanium Backup or MyBackup Pro to make comprehensive backups of everything, making reconfiguration after a full wipe much easier. ;)

    If all you want/need is root then I agree, the hassle of a downgrade is probably not worth it.
  8. ddtftw

    ddtftw Active Member

    I had to do a factory reset, and used Appbrain to reinstall all my apps I had previously installed.
    My SMS messages had been backed up by HTC and downloaded when I synced. (unfortunately it had synced the most recent week or so)
  9. julianne791

    julianne791 Well-Known Member

    I would love to be able to root my DZ but I can't install the HTC Sync as it's PC only and no mac versions :(

    And from what I've read you have to have that first before your root your android?

    Any help appreciated as I'm new to all of this. Thanks
  10. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi Julianne,

    I'm not sure if Sync is actually required; the necessary device driver files may be provided with the Android SDK, which you'll need anyway as a lot of the work is done using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program via a terminal window. The guide I used myself can be found here. I've zero experience with Macs but there's nothing PC-specific in the procedure as far as I can tell.
  11. julianne791

    julianne791 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Slug, I'll give it a go and if I stuff it up, I can always reset it :)

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