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Mac Wi-Fi Hot spot for Droid?

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  1. metadog

    metadog Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 21, 2010
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    Hi! I have a brand new loaded Mac Pro at my office and a Droid 2. My big challenge is that I have ZERO reception on my Droid where I sit at my office. I am in a dead zone. I was thinking it would be cool if I could create a Wi-Fi hot spot with either the built in AirPort or Bluetooth capabilities of the Mac.

    I have been experimenting with this and have found some tutorials online. Here is what I have run into. I have been able to activate AirPort (AirPort Options: Channel set to "automatic", WEP encryption enabled - 40-bit, password in place) and my Droid "sees" my Mac, has the correct WEP password... But my Droid will go through this continuous loop: Scanning... Connecting... Disconnected... and will not connect.

    Are the two devices incompatible? Or am I doing something wrong?



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