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  1. phonefreeak

    phonefreeak Member

    all the inet talk about magic jack for android is well over a year old.

    does anyone know how/if any sip program works with magicjack on android?

  2. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Grap your sip credentials, use any sip client.

    However, didn't they block this YEARS ago?:D:D
  3. phonefreeak

    phonefreeak Member

    i cant get sip clients to work on droid "cause its blocked"
    i enjoy my motorola droid razr better than my iphone 4Steve
    i would like to just carry around my droid.
    its been so long for a magic jack app for droid, im starting to think one will never be available :(
    til then i guess i have to carry my iphone 4Steve around
    its being a painfully long time
    just saying!
  4. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    so let me see if I understand this.

    magic jack is what you use
    magic jack blocks sip clients

    What does magic jack say about unblocking sip clients? Is an android app on their road map? I'm guessing that magic jack isn't the right solution for you. It sounds like you are being forced to use them.
  5. phonefreeak

    phonefreeak Member

    "so let me see if I understand this."

    "magic jack is what you use"
    "magic jack blocks sip clients"

    "What does magic jack say about unblocking sip clients?"
    nothing., magic jack says android app coming soon, and that was over a year ago.

    "Is an android app on their road map?"
    yes, eta unknown. sucks for me and other android users whom have been waiting a long time for it.

    "I'm guessing that magic jack isn't the right solution for you."
    you have guessed wrong, magic jack is absolutely awesome,just as android is absolutely awesome.

    "It sounds like you are being forced to use them."
    yes, as i bought 5 years along with 15 other peers whom i use magic jack with, hence the magic jack app on android would absolutely be awesome.
    hence it would allow me to leave my iphone 4Steve behind,
    and carry my moto droid razr only:)
  6. andyjwang

    andyjwang New Member

    There is a MagicJack application on Android (Google Play Store).
    I just installed it on two of my Android phone and tablet.
    It works fine. But the Internet connection speed is the key for good quality.

    The good thing about this is that you do not need the MagicJack USB adapter.

  7. phonefreeak

    phonefreeak Member


    its been a long long wait...
    more than a year.

    will check it out.
    i prefer android over iphone
    thank you
  8. ericwashere

    ericwashere New Member

    has anyone had any magicjack issues. Magicjack still stays beta so we shall c if they fix these or maybe it is just my phone or setting in it. Maybe someone else had the same issue and resolved it somehow. BTW, MJ tech support is worthless at least the folks on chat. They said these things are normal i disagree then they try and troubleshoot the problem. Then they still say it normal go figure.
    i have 2
    1. speaker is always on and cant turn it off. Speaker button indicates it is off when i tap it it appears to do nothing and the other person complains about a lot of echo.
    2. the voice input no longer works with other apps. Google search and any other input into fields i even think vlingo doesnt work. I always get an error when i try and use anything that would take voice input.

    motorola defy xt
    android 2.3.7
    republic wireless
    kernel version
    build# 1_65G_1027
  9. phonefreeak

    phonefreeak Member

    works great on our motorola razr and our s3.

    i buy highspeed internet which is about average 1.5 down .500 up
    and i connect to it via wifi and i dont have any hickups.
    on ocassion if i call someone on skype(voip) it has issues, it seems to have issues calling other voip services,prolly the other end's bandwith.
    but for the most part its solid.:)

    if your inet is fast, then it must be your phone.
    back it up reset it and install the app again

    the faster the inet you have the better.
  10. joshp8a

    joshp8a Member

    Anyone knows how to completely delete the MJ app once it is installed? I installed it and configured it with my old MJ account. I know you can use it for free but instead of selecting existing account when opening it the first time you select free calls and then fill out a form which sents a validation code to your email account.

    I am trying to do that but even though I delete cache, data and then delete app each time I get the login screen directly instead. I want to see if it is possible to do so without having to restore my phone with an old backup (that is my last resort)...

    Thanks for the help
  11. senatorjoker

    senatorjoker New Member

    Do not restore your phone. It won't help. Your phone is registered on the MJ server so the only way to remove the phone is at their end. So far I have been unable to get them to do this so I am stuck unable to use the MJ app on my phone with the MJ device I want.
  12. senatorjoker

    senatorjoker New Member

    Here is just a snippet of a chat with MagicJack tech support. This is the day AFTER I was told by them reformating WOULD work:
    Jake: I'm afraid that's impossible as well, that cannot help.
    Senator: I KNOW, I DID IT BASED ON YOUR TECH'S ADVICE!!!!!! This is what she told me:
    "Jeaniza: As what I have told you that formatting the android will delete all the downloaded programs and you can re-download app again as a new program which you can register it to your desired account. That was proven, Senator. For those users who tried to format their android or iphone and tried to re-download the app using a different account but was not successful were not successful in formatting their phone, meaning they failed to format it completely and app were not deleted as installed program on their phones."
    Jake: Yes, that's correct. To format your Android can be delete all the information there of Magicjack App into your Android but that cannot help to delete your Android's account in the system. That was already been stored and cannot be deleted in the system.
    Senator: Hey, Jake. She told me it would work. She Guaranteed it would work. I did it, it did not. There HAS to be a way to fix this on your system. There has to be. If you can't someone can!
    Jake: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
    Jake: There's still no fix on this matter yet Senator, which is to delete your information in the system with the Android, iPhone, or iPad. Our engineering department are working on this matter Senator so that in the future our costumers can register with different email addresses.
    Senator: So why did your tech give out bogus info? What are you going to do to make this right?
    Jake: Every chat on this Live Person assistance is being reviewed by the Upper Management. If a suggestion, such as this one, is feasible, then our engineers will work on developing it.
    Jake: All our valued customers will know it once the feature is already available.
    Senator: What does that even mean?
    Jake: This chat of ours will be checked by our Upper Management and our engineering department will take an action on this matter immediately.
    Senator: Yeah, R I G H T, wink, wink. You have my email. Be sure to tell "Upper Management" to email me when they get this ridiculous problem fixed. And they might want to do something nice for THIS :valued" customer who screwed up his phone based on information from one of their techs.
    Jake: Absolutely, yes Senator. I'll do my very best here so that it could give you good service for your Androids, iPhones, or iPads as well.
    Senator: Whatever, Jake
    Jake: Alright
    Jake: Is there anything else I may help you with today?
    Senator: "Else" would imply you actually helped me with something to begin with, you did not.
    Jake: Would you allow me to transfer you to our higher level of support to assist you more further on this?
    Senator: Is there anything else that can actually be done to fix this problem?
    Jake: Shall I transfer you now?
    Senator: Did you answer my question?
  13. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    People still use this thing? I think you can buy it for uber cheap at walmart and walgreens now!

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