Magic Smoke Live Wallpapers????

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  1. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of these? They were installed on my stock rom, and of course I could backup my current joneidy sense, restore stock, save an apk or something, and restore joneidy sense, but that's a lot of work when i can just d/l and install an apk lol. only problem is i can't find a good apk for these....

    EDIT: Scroll past all my bitching to find the solution! PROBLEM SOLVED! :D

  2. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    no love? I've tried three different apk's: two of them from an xda dev thread, and another one from my friend's evo 4g along with the odex file that went with it from his phone. I'm about ready to go with the thing I didn't wanna bother doing just to see if it'll work lol. run new nandbackup, load old stock nandbackup, restore old backup, copy magic smoke to sd, then restore new backup. LAME. lol.
  3. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    You people are all-315-views-but-no-help bastards. LOL.

    I've tried even loading a previous nand-backup, running Titanium Backup just to add Magic Smoke and the live wallpapers app, settings, etc. to my app backups, reloading the current nand-backup, and installing, and the apk for Magic Smoke Wallpapers would not work. Titanium Backup would just sit there on the "Restoring" popup forever, never moving beyond Magic Smoke Wallpapers and I had to FC it to get it to quit lol.

    Noooooooooooooooobody on this whole damn website has a single clue on how to get these specific live wallpapers onto a custom rom?????? You're all stumped? Surely not.....cmon...throw me a bone?
  4. Mikenly

    Mikenly Well-Known Member

    Lol uhh have you tried googling it?
  5. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    No. The thought never came to me. I also regularly forget to plug in my alarm clock, and wonder why it doesn't go off in the morning.

    LOL...YES I've googled it. I've googled it many times, only to find that either other people who had the same problem have also not received an answer, or they got it to work, or it still didn't work, but despite me trying the methods I've found and even experimenting further on my own beyond that, it still won't work.
  6. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    The next thing I can think of to try would be taking the stock copy of the apk and the odex file, and learn how to de-odex an app. That might help since many of these custom roms, including the one I'm running, are de-odexed.
  7. Mikenly

    Mikenly Well-Known Member

    Uh. You don't de-odex an app. You don't need the odex. The apk makes the odex so just don't put the odex in.
  8. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    Already tried that.

    Tried installing a copy of the apk, fail.

    Tried placing the apk in with the rest of the apps on the phone, fail.

    Tried that many times, pulling an apk from different download links online, pulling a copy from my friend's stock EVO, pulling a copy of the apk and odex from my own phone's stock rom. All fail.

    Tried the same but with apk and odex, fail. Tried using titanium backup to do it all for me, fail.

    ROMs are often de-odexed as a whole--go look in the /system/app folder on a stock rom that hasn't been modified and you'll find all the odex files. Then go look in the same place on a custom rom. No odex files. Instead, when there are no odex files on the outside of an apk, it'll have a .dex file inside the apk.
  9. Mikenly

    Mikenly Well-Known Member

    Lol try this bro:
  10. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    EDIT: 1ST ATTEMPT: Tried it exactly, it didn't work. What "didn't work" means:

    -used the link in that thread you provided to get the apk and the odex
    -put 'em both in the system/app directory
    -got and ran terminal emulator (cool app!)
    -typed in "chmod 644 system/app/MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk" and hit enter. It went to the next line immediately.
    -typed in "chmod 644 system/app/MagicSmokeWallpapers.odex" and hit enter. It went to the next line immediately.
    -Opened the live wallpapers listing from my home launcher to see if it was listed. It is not.
    -Opened Titanium Backup to see if it would pick it up in the list of system apps. It did not.

    EDIT: 2ND ATTEMPT! It worked!!

    -looked up
    deodexing an app, and found out how to use baksmali.jar and smali.jar, working in a dummy system directory containing an odexed framework directory, and an app directory including the apk and the odex file.
    -followed those instructions
    -Took my new MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk, containing a newly created classes.dex, and followed your instructions again with it
    -rebooted my phone
    -set me up a fancy schmancy Magic Smoke Wallpaper! WOO!

    Thx for the tips.
  11. Mikenly

    Mikenly Well-Known Member

  12. daluvamann

    daluvamann Well-Known Member

    Now how about uploading so we can all enjoy the fancy schmancy smoke!!!!! LOL But congrats on figuring it out. It feels good after you've put in so much work trying to figure something out.
  13. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    You could always buy smokes if you want smoke. But about the colored smoke......that'll require a little more effort on expanding your mind. Oh wait! You meant the wallpapers? jk, jk. Ok, i'll attach the de-odexed apk here, as googling works, but takes a bit of time sometimes. Beyond that follow Mikenly's instructions at the link he provided above to his other post on how to make your phone use it, and it should do well. =>

    Attached Files:

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  14. daluvamann

    daluvamann Well-Known Member

    thanks dude!!!
  15. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    yep shore thang
  16. Bun-Bun

    Bun-Bun New Member

    Awesome thanks! I have spent the past 2 hours trying to get this working on my new Galaxy S II (came with the first Galaxy... why not the SII???)

    So happy! Now it actually works good with this better processor :D
  17. RedneckDude

    RedneckDude New Member

    Dude, the apk returns a parsing error for me. Toshiba Thrive.
  18. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Downloading from phone or from PC?
  19. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    Sorry it's not working for ya. If you downloaded it from the link I provided, and followed my instructions in red (granted, they left some research to the user) to de-odex it, it worked for me. Can you tell me the exact set of steps you used?
  20. grmichmush

    grmichmush New Member

    Ok, I've been trying to get my smoke back ever since I "upgraded" to HC. I downloaded your file. I followed the instructions in the following link (I did not place an odex in the system/app there one).

    It shows up in the live wallpapers but, it just force closes. Was there more to this that I did not notice???


    No really I would like to have it back.

    The mentioned link

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