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  1. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 24, 2009
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    This is similar to the blackberry case problem, but more annoying since it doesn't seem to be solvable by just moving the phone.

    My GF has a pretty small purse she uses for her wallet and phone. It clasps with a magnet that is apparently strong enough to trigger nav mode even if its at the bottom of the purse. Has ANYONE figured out a way to software disable the cradle feature? I recently yanked the magnet out of my car cradle and now my phone is nice and fast while cradled and I don't have to deal with the annoying double home press.

    Most purses are magnet clasp, so I could see this being a problem with any women using the Droid.

    Please let me know if there is a solution to this annoying mis-step on moto/google's part!

    Why couldn't they add a flag to the settings panel????


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