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  1. womble147

    womble147 Member

    I bought a cheap case of ebay recently which had a magnetic catch on the case..then I found that this was powering down my Note each time (I leave it on standby).

    Anyone else had this?

    I obviously stopped using the case immediately.

    Is this a known problem, or something that can be configured?

    Does the official Samsung case do the same?

  2. Shave

    Shave Well-Known Member

    Well isn't it pretty obvious that the official one wont do it?

    The Stylus uses a magnet to use the touch screen, it's probably causing all sorts of shit. I doubt it's caused any long lasting damage to the Tablet, but i'd refrain from ever using it again.
  3. womble147

    womble147 Member

    Thats what I assumed about the official case. I just didnt want to go and spend
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I have a magnetic closure on mine and it has not caused any damage i nthe 2 months of use so far.
  5. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Active Member

    Mine has 3 small magnets also and seems to have no effect. They end up along the edge by the charge port when the case is closed. Just fyi, maybe it has to do with size or location.
  6. womble147

    womble147 Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm going to see how easy it is to remove the magnets from the case .. as i'm not using it anyway!
  7. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Active Member

    You know I just figured out a magnet in my case is messing with my pen. Tablet uses some sort of sensor to detect if your pen is in or out of the tablet. Pen has been crazy the last 2 days. Sometimes it works sometimes it wouldn't. I'd put it in, pull it out and sometimes it would be fine. Real intermittent to where I thought I was imagining things. So I turned up the system sounds so I could hear a noise when the pen is removed. Well when I have my case folded back on itself, one of the magnets is pretty close to the pen slot. It's close enough that if I put any pressure on that corner of the tablet, I hear the noise like I just put the pen away. I can get it to do it consistently, and didn't realize because I had the sound effects turned down.

    I have the tablet set to not detect the pen when it is docked as it is supposed to save battery. If I change this setting it most likely would not be happening, however, I don't like the fact it is fooling the sensor.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone else was having a similar problem.

    So I take back what I said above, my one magnet is messing with me due to its location. If I have my case in any other orientation there is no problem because it is away from the pen slot. Atleast I'm not going crazy!
  8. womble147

    womble147 Member

    I'm liking the sound of a magnetic case less and less. Will definitely try and remove the magnetics from the spare case I have and find a better way of closing the case.
  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    All also depends on where the magnet is located.

    Why would you remove the magnet if it is not causing any trouble?
  10. womble147

    womble147 Member

    Well...I took all of the magnets out but it still turned itself off. Looked like the case was too tight against the power button so for experimental purposes I cut a hole in the case. It still turned itself of though so I've binned it..the case hunt continues!!
  11. womble147

    womble147 Member

    Final case....official Samsung one. Looks great... worth the extra money (
  12. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    Looked at the official Samsung one at the local Best Buy and it felt really flimsy compared to the leather Moko one w/magnetic cover that I ordered off of Amazon (and about $35 dollars more than Amazon). Where the top cover/flap connected to the back seemed very susceptible to being torn off. The material of the “hinge” piece almost seemed like the same material as a shower curtain. I chose to stick with the Moko case as I have had zero issues with it or the magnets.

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