Magnetic cases bad for your note 2?General

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  1. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys im wondering are magnetic closing cases bad for the note 2? I really wanna buy a case for my note 2 that closes and has a clip on it and all the options ive seen have magnetic closures on them :/ Im use to having my phone on the side of my jeans.

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    I have heard that these magnetic fasteners interfere with GPS orientation etc but as far as I'm concerned there is no proof either way. But I wouldn't place this phone on the side of my jeans :)
  3. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    haha well i dont wanna be holding it all day when im out in my hands i have a silicone tpu slip in case now and screen protector but when i put it in my pockets it gets lint all over it and hate that is why i want a case and wanna have it on my side.
  4. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    I read the magnets affect the S-Pen.
  5. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    My case with a magnetic closure didn't affect the pen. The case had other issues which made me stop using it.
  6. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    hmmm i dunno if i should get one or not :/ i spoke to samsung they said they dont sell any magnetic assecories for the note 2 so they dont have any information about them.
  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Stop thinking so hard about it. Get the case you want. If it causes issues send it back.
  8. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    where did u read that?
  9. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Well-Known Member

    Most likely over in the thread about s-pens stopping working after two days.

    In the past, magnetic cases have also messed with built-in compasses. As a general rule even as late as the early 90s, magnets and electronics have always been kept quite separate. I have no idea who the "genius" is that decided to ignore this and put magnets on cases for electronics. Sure, most electronics tend to be shielded against this now but do you really want to be the one to find out that this isn't the situation 100% of the time? If you know something could be bad, why risk it?
  10. casarosa

    casarosa Well-Known Member

    Over the years I have always had cases with magnetic closures and never once as it effected any of my phones operations
  11. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    i ordered a case with magnetic closure so will see how it goes i will get back to u guys if i have any issues! No way im getting a velcro closure case they make noise and are ugly also had magnetic cases for all my phones without an issue so will see what happens and i like to have my phone in a case on my jeans not in my pockets.
  12. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

  13. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    I read that but thing is i dont care about using the phone while its in the case i bought a leather case u put the phone in and close to keep it secure and on the side of me not to use the phone while its in the case such as the flip case so when i wanna use my phone i open the case and take it out so it wont have any effects by the magnetic closure on it.
  14. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

    other brands such as spigen and izenus offer beautiful cases with snap closures instead of magnetic or velcro.
  15. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    yea but they dont have a clip on them.
  16. nemesys06

    nemesys06 Well-Known Member

    I have a case with a magnetic clip on mine. I have had no issues at all. The magnets used are usually weak. I do take my note out of it often because I am used to using it with no case. It's a tough phone and I see why people want to protect it, especially if bought off contact, but I still prefer no case.
  17. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    I just got the seidio surface case yesterday and it has a magnet that holds the kickstand closed. So far I haven't noticed any issues.
  18. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    Had my magnetic closure case for my note 2 for about 2 weeks now with zero issues :)
  19. Vela_Ocampo

    Vela_Ocampo Well-Known Member

    no issue here as well.... and my case is intact and never remove the phone since then
  20. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I had this same case on my Note 1 for 6 months or so and never had an issue.
  21. byrds8

    byrds8 Well-Known Member

    I have the one from Best Buy that is the same case as the surface case and I can tell you the magnet does interfere with S Pen operations. I was shading in and where the magnet is had issues shading until I opened the kickstand and removed the magnet from the situation. After that it was all fine.
  22. casarosa

    casarosa Well-Known Member

    Have no problems with my magnetic case even talked on Skype for an hour sound and video perfect
  23. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    I'll go against the grain here, my friend's got a magnetic flip case on her Note2, it's one of those flip cases that also can hold credit cards.

    She showed me how her S-pen was having trouble writing on a certain part of the screen, and yes sure enough it was having an issue.

    I took the phone outta the case and it worked perfectly. Turns out the magnet built into the case was effecting the S-pen from talking to that part of the screen.

    Her case was similar to this:
    PU Wallet Book Flip Leather Case Cover Pouch For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 | eBay

    Basically there was a magnet in the tab bit, and also in the back cover.
  24. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    ^ Same case no magnet issues.
  25. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    It seems that there are two seperate type of cases being discussed that creates some confusion with the ops' original questions. He is, as I see it, talking about a case (some call it a holster) in which you insert your phone and remove it completely when receiving a call, getting or writing an email, etc.

    I have one that is that way and have had NO issues with the S pen - or anything else - except that it is right where I want it to be when I need it, and is well protected from bumps, scrapes, drops and other problems, ad infinite um. So far, so good!
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