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Magnetic Flip Case - Screen Damage!??Accessories

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  1. vincentieo

    vincentieo Member

    Hi all, I have been searching and searching but cant find any conclusive evidence to put my mind at rest.

    I have a HTC Desire and it fits nicely inside a flip case, held closed with a magnet. I am no scientist but a good friend of mine, who is a scientist, seems to think that a magnet could damage the phone!

    I have heard that they can mess with the internal compas (i didnt even know i had one until yesterday) but what about the motor in the lens, will this be damaged being an electro magnetic motor?

    I am most worried about the screen being effected by a magnetic field always being near (even on) it.

    Has anyone had any experience of a HTC Desire being messed up with a magnet or can anyone reassure me that the

  2. vincentieo

    vincentieo Member

  3. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Flash memory isn't magnetic like a HDD, and the screens aren't CRTs. I can't imagine anything else being affected by the extremely small amount of force in those tiny little magnets.

    Furthermore, I carry my Evo in a holster with a magnetic clasp, and haven't seen any ill effects. Sprint even sells them.
  4. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Like he said above, I wouldn't worry about it. Of course, if the compass or other things start malfunctioning, you know what to do.
  5. SporkLover

    SporkLover Well-Known Member

    It would take a strong magnet to damage your phone.

    The worst you may see is your phone may go bonkers if you don't power off the screen when it's in the case.

    Capacitive Screens can and will react to magnets, but not in a negative way, the magnets will fool the screen into thinking there is a finger touching it somewhere.
  6. Jengstedt

    Jengstedt New Member


    I just bought a case yesterday in Sweden (Desire-LCnew2 X 1) and it definitely has bad effects on the phone: When I make or receive a call the screen shuts down completely (it goes black and I cannot reset it). The shop will take it back and inform the manufacturer.
  7. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    this has nothing to do with your case...... the phone is designed to turn the screen off during a call........ this prevents your face from activating things on the screen........ when you move the phone away from your face it will come back on .......... this may take longer if you keep a dirty screen and the sensor is blocked..... if it never comes back on and you know the sensor is clear..... then you may have a defective sensor ...... but this has nothing to do with a magnetic case

    I use a magnetic case with mine all the time...... Ive had my phone screen facing the magnets..... back facing......... rotated end to end....... every which way and had no ill effects from the magnets whatsoever
  8. Jengstedt

    Jengstedt New Member

    Well, I never claimed all magnets affect the phone, but this one definitely does (it is situated in the up left corner); I have made several tests and as soon as I put the case on, the screen dies (even though the call is on): I've made several calls in a row (putting the case on/off/on/off) and it's clearly the reason.
    If you know about a magnet case that does not affect the phone in this way, I'm happy to buy it...
  9. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    its almost like you didnt read my post at all......

    "as soon as I put the case on, the screen dies (even though the call is on): I've made several calls in a row (putting the case on/off/on/off) and it's clearly the reason."

    this is exactly how the phone is built to function....... make a phone call and place the palm of your hand completely over the screen....... I bet it dies........ I bet its not the case at all...... I bet its your body thats killing the screen...... the only hope for you is to get rid of your current phone and buy one that doesnt have a screen
  10. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering.... if you read his.... post....

    Seems like.... if his phone.... did this without a case.... he'd have noticed before....
  11. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Be nice people. First and last warning.

  12. Est78

    Est78 New Member

    The answer to this question is YES, the magnet WILL damage your phone. I started using a leather case with a magnetic clasp on my HTC Desire, and after about a week a dark patch has appeared at the top of the sceeen right where the magnet fastened. It's not catastrophic but it IS noticeable and on an otherwise faultless phone it is very frustrating. If anyone can help with a possible solution to this I would be very grateful, but I would advise NOT using a magnetic clasp case!
  13. wildrose

    wildrose Member

    There are probably many, many Desire owners successfully using cases with magnetic closures, but I'm not one of them.
    I've had 2 negative experiences with my new phone; the first in an old Blackberry case of my husband's which I just used b/c there was nothing else available. In this first instance, the magnet caused my music player to play, and nothing could shut off the sample music that came loaded on the phone. I got a call, and the music played in the background. I tried to select another track, and had both playing simultaneously. My new phone was mere days old, and I was in a panic. I finally powered it down, took many minutes, and it was fine when I turned it on again.
    Knowing a BB magnet might be stronger, my next attempt was with a generic case, which caused the phone to shut off on incoming calls.
    A friend of mine uses a case with a magnetic closure - claims better quality (leather) cases have a shielding between the magnet and the phone pocket. Could have. I'm using a pouch with velcro.
  14. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Wow when will the FUD go away?

    Magnets do not damage phones, period. End of story.

    I have seen many many posts on this. There have been electrical and mechanical engineers who have chimed in on this topic. There have been heated discussions around the iPhone's compass being damaged by magnets.

    Bottom line is magnets do zero damage. This is based on inputs from cellphone designers, engineers, scientists, input on hundreds of posts and blogs.

    Sadly this voodoo magic discussion never seems to end.

    Move on.
    InstantKarma likes this.
  15. speedycolzalez

    speedycolzalez Well-Known Member

    Magnets do damage phones....

    ...if they're large enough and dropped from a great height :D :D

    Fwiw, even the genuine HTC leather pouch has a small magnet in the pull cord.
  16. apostopare

    apostopare Member

    :D:D I just had to register to this forum as I LOLed hard at this......and want to express my feeling :p Thanks for the laugh!
  17. Sdstrbr

    Sdstrbr New Member

    I had to do the same thing!! And I love the moderation too, you folks are so fun to read and I don't even have an Android!! Great way to start an otherwise boring Wednesday!:D:p:cool:
  18. UKNewbie

    UKNewbie Well-Known Member

    But of course, the compass in a phone is GPS controlled, not magnetic north influenced :D
  19. UKNewbie

    UKNewbie Well-Known Member

    Years ago I had a phone which, mysteriously, had very little signal when in a pouch.
    Upon investigation it was found that the pouch had been lined with metal to make it more robust. Do remember that this was many years ago, long before smartphones and enlightened technology
  20. UKNewbie

    UKNewbie Well-Known Member

    Have you tried changing the wallpaper? ;)
  21. Yanwyn

    Yanwyn New Member

    Hello, I came across this article & thought I'd let you know I suffered a similar problem. I bought a official Motorola flip cover for my Moto G 4G LTE. I had it in the cover for only a few days, one morning turned phone on, it did it's start-up animation, then black screen with message saying something like "sorry not working". Could not get phone out of black screen. I thought it was either problem with cover and/or yet another hiccup with Google's Kitkrap. Phoned Motorola for help, they tried a variety of solutions without success. Had to do factory reset. Luckily when problem started I removed the cover, also SD card & Sim. Factory reset of course deleted everything from phone. Lost a lot of valuable data. Had to set things up again from scratch. Since then have heard more about people having problems with magnets used in flip covers. I made a complaint to Motorola, as yet no reply. Shame about the flip cover I rather liked it. Other than that experience my Motorola is in perfect health.

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