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  1. griffin_1

    griffin_1 Member

    Im looking for a magnetic phone mount/holder for my car but i have some concerns about using the magnets on an s3 (or any phone).

    • Can the use of magnets damage the phone in any way?
    • Also, I have read that it can interfere with the gps signal. Any one had any issue or know if it would make the gps malfunction?
    • What about nfc? I want to use a nfc sticker for BT and other settings next to the place where i would put the phone and the phone mount but im not sure if it would interfere with that, or even bluetooth signal.

    1. Is there any magnetic phone mount you would recommend? I saw these on ebay : link 1 ; link 2 ; link 3 and this one from tetrax, which i wanted to avoid because they use a sphere magnet on the case that is to noticeable
    I saw ones from tetrax but the ma gnet they use on the phone is kinda like a sphere and i didn't want that on the phone. I will be using a case with the phone so i was thinking maybe something that i could place in the case that would be hidden and still worked.

    Thank you for your time!

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello griffin!
    I moved your thread here so others with different devices can chime in also:)
  3. griffin_1

    griffin_1 Member

    Thanks! :)
    You're right, in this part of the forum i probably get more feedback from more users and not just from s3 owners.

    Hopefully someone that has used or uses this kind of magnetic phone holders will give their feedback and if they create any damage to the phone, which is what im most afraid it would do.
  4. any reason why you prefer magnet over suction cup??
  5. griffin_1

    griffin_1 Member

    Because it just seems more practical and takes up less space. I actually have one of those that i put in the windshield when i use the gps but i wanted something to hold the phone every time and not just for gps. I didn't want to leave that kind of phone holder in display on the car because it might seem more appealing to thiefs because they might think a phone or a gps is in the car.

    My car comes with a phone mount that is attached to the dashboard and i can't take it out and i would have to buy a specific cradle for it and they cost a lot of money.
    Here is a picture i found online of the same dash mount i have:


    So what i was thinking was placing a magnet on top of the cradle to attach the phone easily there. It wouldn't take any more space since the mount is permanently there and its easily accessible when im driving.
  6. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    If the speaker for your phone is on the back, at the very least you will get interference from the magnet with your sound.

    But, I would never put a magnet strong enough to secure my phone in an upright position anywhere near my phone unless I saw a lot of documentation it was safe. The radios, the battery, the sound and screen can all be effected by the magnet if it is strong enough and they are not protected.
  7. griffin_1

    griffin_1 Member

    The phone is a s3 but the speaker won't be a problem because i do have a OEM BT kit, so i will use that for calls.

    Those possible problems that you pointed out are what concern me because i always had the idea that strong magnets shouldn't go near electronics. These kind of magnetic stands seem to get a bit popular and the tetrax ones seem to be the most popular, but they are a bit expensive and also they require to use a sphere included that you glue to the outside of the phone, which was something i wanted to avoid to keep it more discrete.

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