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  1. baekgaard

    baekgaard New Member

    First post here as a new tablet owner... bear withme if I get the terminology wrong!

    When I edit text in an email (gmail or other) or in any of the browsers, long holding a word moves the cursor as expected. But when dragging the texthandle, the pop-up magnifying glass often shows the cursor position incorrectly - typically too far to the right. Usually, but not always!

    The same is the case for double clicking and dragging either of the handles. In fact, you don't have to move the handle. Just hold it down to see the wrong magnified position, which is not the same as the real cursor position

    What gives? Is this a known bug or is there any setting I can apply to fix the problem?

    -- Per'

  2. JoJo_

    JoJo_ Well-Known Member

    I think it is definitely a bug as it happens to me too.
    I don't know if there's a fix...I just try again...but it is a bit annoying!
  3. baekgaard

    baekgaard New Member

    Yes, it is quite annoying. But at least I'm glad I'm not the only one then :)

    Do you (or anyone else) know where best to report these kinds of errors? It looks like some Android library issue to me.

    -- Per.
  4. baekgaard

    baekgaard New Member

    Just wanted to add, in case others look up this thread later, that the recent update to Jelly Bean/Android 4.1.1 actually fixed the problem, so now my device works as expected :)

    It also got much smoother and nicer to use, by the way!

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