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  1. loz_the_guru

    loz_the_guru Member

    My mail app seems to be using unusually large amounts of data. My contract currently only has 500mb (will be changing this next month) and its using between 10 and 20mb daily, which will take me over my limit alongside other usage.

    I do receive some emails, but they don't have large attachments and are rarely over 100kbs each. Anyone got an idea as to whats going on here, and how I might go about fixing it?

  2. ddtftw

    ddtftw Active Member

    I dont use the mail app, just gmail - so im curious how you know that it is that which is using your data? Is there a setting that tells you how much data it used?
    Can you change it to check at intervals rather than push?

    You sure its not something else guzzling data?
  3. loz_the_guru

    loz_the_guru Member

    I'm using 3G watchdog, it reports on day-by-day data usage, as well as usage by individual apps.
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