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Mail apps, so confusing ... please help!General

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  1. anewbie

    anewbie New Member

    I am relatively new to Android. Just got a Droid 4. As part of the setup, I added my gmail account. On the regular web interface, I have about 20 labels (folder) to archive the old messages. Then, I also had about 80 messages left in the inbox. Five days later, I have no idea what I did, all of a sudden, I only have 1 message (a chat converted info a message 2 months ago) left in the inbox. Everything else in the inbox is gone. If I use the gmail app on the phone, that's what I see as well.

    However, if I use the "mail" app on the phone, I am still seeing all the messages originally in the inbox. And the inbox is associated with my gmail account.

    Now, comes the question: how can I restore all the email messages viewable by the "mail" app back into the inbox viewable by the "gmail" app, which is also the inbox in the web interface on my computer?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

  2. bigmatty

    bigmatty Member

    I could not tell you if my guess is correct, because I do not really use Gmail on my Droid (I use Touchdown to sync my corporate mail.) BUT - this sounds like you originally had set messages to stay resident on the server, but then when you configured your phone mail app it was set to take messages OFF the server. So now, they are all off G's server which is why they dont appear when you use the web, and the only place you see them is your phone.

    One thing though, I did not think Gmail on an Android phone would work like this, so again - I could be wrong on my guess. (If someone told me they saw this on MS Outlook I would say I am most likely correct.)
  3. WilburNJ

    WilburNJ Member

    I find gmail implementation quite annoying. In gmail itself (accessed through the web, for example), there are all these folders created by default that are annoying to deal with. Then on the D4 (and Razr too), I can't seem to get it to work as an imap mail server. I want to be able to have what I see on my phone be the same as on the server so that if I delete a message on my phone, it gets deleted on the server, and vice versa. But, that doesn't seem to work when using the default mail program from Motorola. (Maybe the native gmail app works fine in imap, but I want to use the messaging icon to access two gmail accounts, a work outlook account, and my text messages all in one place, so I don't ever bother opening the gmail app.)

    My iPhone and iPad handle this aspect of gmail perfectly. I would have thought an android device should be able to do imap with gmail. Maybe, I've just not set up my mail correctly, but i can't find anything that explicitly addresses this in any of the settings. In fact, I even disabled my gmail account from doing pop3 to see if that helps. Nothing changed....

    Anyway, I feel your pain. Hope you get your issues fixed.
  4. anewbie

    anewbie New Member

    Thanks very much for the reply! I tried to look through all the options in the mail app configuration, but I cannot see where I can specify whether to take msg off the server or leave them in.

    thanks, again!

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