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  1. HTConeXplus1

    HTConeXplus1 New Member

    I've had my HTC one x plus for a week and I am a little disappointed that it doesn't do everything my old Desire did - can't see the CC list for emails sent to me unless I click on my name in the email TO bar.:(

    However one glitch I have is that my mail notifications is disappearing after a second or after a while without me checking emails on the device. Result is that I don't realise I have emails waiting! Unless I check the emails I don't know they are there and I am missing them.

    Also is the LED supposed to time out after a while?

    Any advice? I have contacted HTC who say they will pass on to their developers.

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Ive never had problems with my One X havinh notifications disappearing but the light only blinks for so long. Im not sure if this is to save battery or not.
  3. HTConeXplus1

    HTConeXplus1 New Member

    Thanks BigCiX
    I did a hard reset and things were a little better but now back to hit and miss with the notification. It could be an app interferring with the mail app but I am going to return it and get a replacement.

    Have been in touch with HTC and they say that the developers decided not to list all recipients in an email which you receive in order to save screen space. I did realise however that if you tilt the phone to landscape view you can see some of them! Then you can click on that bar to view all recipient. Still irritating as I use my phone in portrait view so I can read the emails quickly!

    I understand there is a new software update in the UK in the next couple of days so maybe that will also help.
  4. HTConeXplus1

    HTConeXplus1 New Member

    I returned the phone and got a replacement. Turns out it was the phone now got another issue...

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