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  1. khsjsilver

    khsjsilver Well-Known Member

    I have AOL set as my primary email account. Every day, there are groups of emails that never make it to my Droid X. I can see the emails in my inbox when I sit at my pc, but the mail never shows up on my handheld.

    I've spent several hours on the phone with Verizon tech support and I have gone to the Verizon store twice. I have deleted the account, then re-added the account. I have manually input the settings and used the auto settings. Verizon can't seem to find the problem. One Verizon rep did say that there were known problems with AOL and that a new AOL app will be coming out for AOL mail, but I have not been able to confirm or verify this.

    Do anyone else have this problem? Has anyone heard about an AOL solution?



  2. khsjsilver

    khsjsilver Well-Known Member

    How about some help!

    Does anyone else have problems with missing emails?

  3. kcrev

    kcrev New Member

    Me too!!!!!! Did you find a fix????
  4. Impact619

    Impact619 New Member

    Hmm, three months later and still no answers? Not promising.. lol. Unfortunately, I'm in the same exact situation as you folks. I think the last AOL e-mail I can see on my phone is from Feb 1.

    The times I've NEEDED to access a message on AOL Mail I've had to use the browser to go to, and enter my mailbox that way. Seems stupid that I can access AOL mail from the browser, but the app doesn't pick it up. : /
  5. kainoa10

    kainoa10 New Member

    Hey gang, i'm in the wireless business and the only solution i could find after close to 15 hours of endless trouble shooting was to use the K-9 mail surrogate... i have this android user with two AOL accounts and two pop accounts all working well... it's a known issue with AOL...
  6. modfreak

    modfreak New Member

    I have a Droid 2 through Verizon and it was working fine for months and then a couple of days ago, I noticed I couldn't open my AOL mail which is my default email account on my phone. Then it was fine this morning. Later it said invalid user name or password. I deleted it, re-added it, powered off my phone, turned it back on. I cannot access my mail on my phone now unless I go on the browser and go to And by the way...what is a K-9 mail surrogate?
  7. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    K-9 is a free app in the Android Market that allows you to bypass the stock mail app. I use it on both my and my wife's DXs. It works fine with multilple AOL accounts (plus a couple of Gmail and Hotmail accts!) on mine, and a single AOL mail acct. on my wifes.

    If you go this route, be sure to turn off notifications in the stock mail app or you will get duplicate notifications.

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