mail program for EVO?

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  1. marklyn

    marklyn Member

    Is there another mail program/app that can be used in place of the stock mail app that comes with the EVO?

  2. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

  3. wlinds1

    wlinds1 Member

    There is a new Yahoo for Android app out now if you use yahoo and maildroid is another option.
  4. sdezrilov

    sdezrilov Well-Known Member

    Just curious why you ask, do you not like the stock email program?
  5. lxhoot

    lxhoot Member

    I have a problem too my email Wont configure but with my blackberry it did just fine
  6. danj1111

    danj1111 Member

    I'm interested in a replacement too. For some reason, mine takes forever to bring in new messages for a pop3 acct. Just for comparison, it's waaaay slower than my old iphone 3g. Weird considering EVERYTHING else is faster.
  7. sdezrilov

    sdezrilov Well-Known Member

    Exchange, and gmail work great for me, what are you using for email? aol, yahoo?
  8. Leafgreen

    Leafgreen Active Member

  9. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    Yep. Been using K9 for many months. 10x better than stock EXCEPT you can't open a JPEG attachment from it, you see the thumbnail but have to use an external viewer to open the actual file.

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