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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Hey guys,
    New to the forum and have been trolling the last few weeks reading everything about android and learning from you guys. I picked up a DInc last week and after reading here, decided to try out the DX. I am a fan of the Sense UI, but after watching many videos and reading here, I was super curious about the DX. I love the big screen and their UI isn't really super intrusive to me. One thing that I found on the DInc that had me pumped was the ability to set message size for emails it pulled down. I replaced a blackberry to move to android. I don't expect it to be as good as blackberry in the email department, but the option to download huge attachments had me excited because that was a big deal for me (I am in the entertainment business). I was able to pull down mp3's of whatever size on the DInc. I get the DX set everything up yesterday and when it brought down my email, it said "attachment too large" :(. Although this is not necessarily a deal breaker, I REALLY liked that feature in the DInc. I looked for somewhere to set this option in the DX, but have yet to find anything similar. So my question is, is that a function HTC allows to happen and Motorola does not? Obviously, it can be done (on the DInc) or something that Motorola specifically just doesn't allow for on the DX? I REALLY liked the fact that I could download any size file, especially since size limit was also limited on the Blackberry as well.


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