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  1. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    Everytime Sense restarts on my HTC, it adds 2 more blank homescreens and switches the default homescreen to the right of the one that it was originally set to. This is really annoying has i have to move apps and widgets all the time. Is this normal and is there a way to correct this?

  2. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    That is very odd and should not be happening. Can you go into settings>developer options, and tell us what (if any) boxes are checked?
  3. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    All boxes are unchecked
  4. Flying_Debris

    Flying_Debris New Member

    hey mate, just signed up, wanted to metion that i've had this problem also, i have the ascend but i think its an earlier model but maybe this will also work for you.. if you hold down the the go back button (next to your home button) mine will bring up a screen with the 4 or 5 different home screens, at the bottom of each one is a little home button, find the one you had and change it like this.. also read that the reason why this is happening is because you may of run out of room for more apps / widges on your home screen, and is why it seems to change your home screen to a different one... hope this may help people out.
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