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Main/Lock Screen is Dark and DIMSupport

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  1. Crafter

    Crafter Member

    Hey guys, wondering if you might be able to help before I go through the manufacturer...

    I was listening to music using Winamp, I got a call. After I finished I unlocked the screen and it was very dim with weird colors. sorta like 8bit.

    I did a hard reset (both from the setting menu and using the r key) still nothing.

  2. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    Have you have tried to disable auto brightness and turn the brightness up and down in settings to see if it has any affect.

    Can you try to take a screenshot to see if its an internal issue or a screen problem using this app -

    Make sure to click the "invert red and blue colors" option
  3. Crafter

    Crafter Member


    I couldn't take a screen shot because my phone was not rooted.

    I contacted Samsung. They sent me a UPS return label, i boxed it up.. sent it in for free.

    14 days total of switching to a crappy phone i got my Indulge back. They replaced the LCD screen and LCD component. They really were nice about it and did not question anything. My phone was never dropped but I did have a few good scratches on the sides indicating wear on the phone. Phones back and works great.

    With all the crappy service I've been getting with my car dealership (Mitsubishi) this was a delightful experience.
  4. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    same problem here. I disabled auto brightness and set it to a low setting and at times i would notice that it would be darker than usual. Id go to dispaly settings and someway somehow the brightness adjusted itself to the lowest setting. This has happened before multiple times even after rebooting the phone. idk if theres a fix for that or what.
  5. BlueMuscles

    BlueMuscles Well-Known Member

    If it's set to power saving mode it will always change back to a lower setting for the brightness.

    Take it off power saving mode then adjust the brightness manually.
  6. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    It wasnt on but i just checked it on and see if it happens again.

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