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  1. kiat5427

    kiat5427 Member

    My HTC Desire X's menu has so many apps icons. How can i sort them into different folders? It is so mess for me.... :(

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi kiat5427 and welcome to Android Forums. If you are wanting to manage the widgets/shortcuts on your screen you will want to first long press the icon in question. You can then drag it to the edge of the screen... keep pressing.. and the next screen will appear. Just drop it off on a screen you desire. If you are wanting to rid yourself of the widget/shortcut. Long press the icon and you will see a trashcan appear. Simply drag it to the trash and drop it off.. bingo... it's gone. The app hasn't been uninstalled.... just removed from the screen.

    I hope this helps. Just holler if you need more assistance. I or another will gladly help you. Have fun and thanks for joining us.
  3. kiat5427

    kiat5427 Member

    Thx olbriar...But i tried to long press the icon, it will automatically turn to the home screen and allow me to put shortcut at there only... i tried many times, in my main menu, no way to sort it
  4. Spuky

    Spuky New Member

    I have the same request like kiat,i want to find out how can i remove for example SamsungApps form menu.My phone is rooted but this one doesnt want to get that little tini " - " button when editing the menu.And now its named and it is making me crazy.the problem is that i can`t put it into a folder ,where i have all my extra apps shortucts,because it gets out of it like other that i removed from my phone(google search,talk search,chat on and so on).I mention that the apps mentioned were removed from my menu by having that " - " button on the "shortcut". I`ll dig arround the forum but kiat`s post might be a shortcut.

    sorry for my looong story :p
  5. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I think I misunderstood you kiat. If you are talking about your app drawer, there really is no managing them. You will find them in Alpha for ease of finding a particular app. The idea is to create shortcuts to the apps you like to use on the screens of your phone. That way you eliminate the need to open the all app drawer all the time. HTC's idea is to either create a shortcut to the app on a screen. (long press an empty spot on a screen of your choice, choose shortcut from the options given, and then a shortcut will be there for your convenience) I hope this helps.

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