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  1. Hello all, hoping someone can help me!

    For about a week now, since updating my firmware, I've been having some MAJOR battery problems with my S2.
    Up until last week I could normally get 12 hours battery use from my phone without having to charge in between, and with normal to moderate use.
    Now, I am lucky if my battery lasts an hour tops, without me using for more then messages. The battery indicator will still show about 80% power, but without warning the phone will turn off. No "battery low" warning or vibrations, just off. When I turn the phone on again it shows straight away the phone"battery critically low" warning, despite it being over 80% before the power out.
    I can leave it 'alone' for over an hour, but it still shows the warning and turns off.
    When I put it on the charger again though, it shows once again the battery icon as being over three quarters full.. This is NOT normal.

    I am a freelance worker, therefore I need a phone that I can use to communicate with clients throughout the day, as well as checking emails and what not. Up until last week my S2 was that perfect phone, but now, lasting less then an hour , it is holding my work back. Any help would be lovely, I still have a year on this contract, and cannot afford to have a phone that doesn't work.

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  3. Do you mean this?

    I have already tried something like this, that didn't work. I let my phone charge fully to 100% , took the battery out for about 5 minutes, then back in again. Is it important to press the home key and power key at the same time??
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    I must admit that I have not yet had any battery problems with my S2 so have not had to try anything.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.
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  5. Thanks anyway!
    I tried that with my battery twice, and it didn't work.
    This is starting to get really annoying... Has anyone else had this same problem?
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  7. So i did the full system reboot like described in the post above, as well as re formating my usb and sd drives, and, despite my hopes, utilities did not work. At all. My phone is back to what it was like when I first brought it, but still only lasts 30 minutes max on a full battery, before the screen blinks and the phone turns itself off. Still no battery warning, just directly off. When I turn it back on again it gives a battery critically low warning, and turns off again. So yeah... Thanks, but that didn't work.

    What is worse though, is before I reformated my phone I back up and synced all my data with Kies... And now that I am going through there trying to find my contacts and it looks like NOTHING was backed up from my phone. No contacts, no messages, no photos. The back up didn't work, so now not only do I have a phone that is not working, but I have lost all my client contact details, personal photos fromfamily and friends... I am starting to lose my patience with this phone!! It's hardly a year old, and up still I installed the new firmware last week utilities worked fine. But now??
  8. would buying a new battery be worth anything??
    This is getting ridiculous, now the signal keeps going on and off, I cannot make or receive any calls longer then a few seconds .
    I had hardly any apps installed to start with, and I always used to update the ones I had and perform weekly scans. So why is this happening now??? I don't want to know how many important calls I have missed... And I don't want to have to go out and buy myself another phone now, I still have a year to pay on this one.
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