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  1. kendermouse

    kendermouse Active Member

    I've had my EPIC since September, and in all this time, I've had no trouble with mounting, even in debugging mode. I even got the drivers easily. (Yes, I know what a rarity that is, and believe me, I was grateful for it.)

    But suddenly, in the last couple of weeks, my laptop's started acting strange whenever I try to plug the phone in, my laptop starts acting weird. It will recognise a USB device, but when I try to mount, sometimes it just... won't happen. And then the indicator showing a USB device disappears, too. (And yes, I've tested my other usb devices- it's only occuring with the phone.)

    Of course, when that happens, I have to shut down the computer entirely in order to safely unplug the phone. Grar.

    Today was the icing on the cake. It happened yet again, I went to shut down, yet again... and got a bluescreen, yay. DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE to be specific. T_T

    Laptop specs: Dell Inspiron 1520, Vista Home Premium 32bit, fully up to date with all current service packs and updates. (And no smartass jokes about needing a new OS, please, unless you're willing to buy it for me, and babysit me while I install the new OS, and then re-install all my stuff.)

    If anyone can help me with specific, step by step, so-easy-to-follow-a-three-year-old-could-do-it instructions, I would be ever so incredibly grateful...

    Pleasepleaseplease with a cherry on top?

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Just to confirm, the computer gave the error and not the phone, correct?

    Tried rebooting and reconnecting?
  3. kendermouse

    kendermouse Active Member

    Yes, it was the computer. I tried rebooting, but not reconnecting, because since the issues have been getting progressively worse, and now have led to a bluescreen, I was sort of afraid to try again. (I mean, what's the next worst step after a bluescreen? Really don't want to find out...)
  4. kendermouse

    kendermouse Active Member

    Finally got it to stop with the bluescreens, but now it's simply refusing to recognise the phone when I plug it in.

    I'm having to unmount the sd card, and plug it into the computer by itself, instead, to get anything off or onto it.

    I can't even TRY to tether.

    Part of the point of having a smartphone is being able to hook it up to a computer to do things with it.

    Please, I am begging, here. Help me?

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