Major problems with CM7

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  1. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    1. YouTube FCs. Always. Tried rebooting, reinstalling and fixing permissions.
    2. When I connect my phone to the PC and press "Turn on USB storage" the phone reboots after a few seconds.

    Any ideas?

    P.S. Samsung Galaxy Ace with CM7 (nightly 20121118), 2.3.7.

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Check the nightly changelog, there might be problems with the USB storage in this build.
    For youtube, try reinstalling the app.

    You can also flash a CM7 based custom rom, it will give better performance, features and looks as compared to the default CM nightly.
  3. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    I have tried reinstalling YouTube a couple of times (adding to OP), doesn't work. USB was fine before, I tried MIUI and after it was FCing I switched back to CM7, I also use EX Launcher so I don't care about the default looks.

    Also, any good "CM7 based custom ROM" examples?
  4. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    It's looks like I've made a mistake. I'm not using the latest nightly build, I'm using the 20121028 build, I will update my CM7. I hope it will fix everything.
  5. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    Update: updated my CM7 to the latest nightly build. YouTube is still FCing, connecting to PC still reboots my phone. Help!
  6. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    Reinstalled GAPPS, YouTube works! I still need to fix the rebooting issue...
  7. vidmavidma

    vidmavidma Member

    YouTube is FCing again. People, I need help!

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