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  1. figgaz

    figgaz New Member

    Im having major issues with my phone. Ever since I updated my phone to 2.2 my phone freezes and runs slower and the screen doesnt rotate and when i tilt/turn the phone for games that have that feature it doesnt work either. also the light sensor doesnt work Ive tried the master reset a few times and still the same problems. So cant anybody help me out?

  2. BeeVee

    BeeVee Member

    You've had an update? Where are you based?

  3. figgaz

    figgaz New Member

    The US
  4. csabika

    csabika Active Member

    the update f it up ........
  5. aces691

    aces691 Member

    i had the same prob. it finally started working ok but then 3 days ago my phone crashed and after 2 days of letting it sit while shut off it started working but now when in a call i cant light up the screen to do anything.. im new here so it wont let me post my problem yet.. can any1 help me
  6. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    figgaz... there is apparently a bug in the 2.2.1 (US) update. Have you tried menu > settings > applications > development > USB debugging (check ON)? This works for some people. Start there. Are you using an SD card that did not come with the phone? When was the last time you updated your SIM? Does your screen rotate normally when not using games?

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