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[MAJOR SOLUTION] Fix your slow 3g speeds:EVO4g

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  1. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Update 3/1/11 New Prl is up 60676

    My previous method of update prl, a forced data restore, let handsfree finish at reboot and then cancel auto prl update appears to still effect speeds positively so I suggest doing it that way!

    4g connects faster..and maintains for about 10 ft further here at the store.

    3g seems less affected by the method above now...4g is a pretty insane difference

    simply updating the prl appears to have helped 3g speeds in some locations that previously tested .15-.3 Mbps dl....now testing at .5 Mbps-.7 Mbps ...did they fix the tower or was it the prl? who knows lol.

    URGENT....there are issues with the EPST on Warm's Z port. This will wipe out your data settings and the only way to get them back is to flash another rom, or your last backup that has them intact.

    Your Results May Vary

    I am today 2/19/11 working on some tests that show that if you are using a havs kernel, or stock kernel, this will not work. Feel free to test with other kernels. I use netarch sbc 4.1.9 no havs
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=719763&highlight=3.70.651.1 is one of many places to find kernels.

    ---There are some areas that have tower issues. This will not fix that. In
    these cases notify sprint of the issue and the area.
    ---You may already be achieving great speeds. The target is 1.0 Mbps
    if you already there you may or may not see an improvement.
    =---some have reported that updating the prl actually helped their connection. In every single test on my phone updating the prl resulted in the slow speeds seen below. Each phone will be different though so try it without, you can always go back in and update it.

    The included HTTP fix is not new...it was suggested by Sprint to fix streaming media issues. While in EPST it is a good idea to change these, though it isn't necessary.


    Ok...I stumbled onto something new tonight. For as long as I can remember I have always suggested to update your profile and prl to fix a ton of issues, and if I recall correctly in that order.

    After reading multiple posts where manually forcing a data profile reset and changing the proxy settings would't work for some, including myself. I started toying with some things. If you are already achieving speeds of 1 Mbps+ you most likely don;t have an issue, though I have seen one add .5 Mbps to his speeds by following these steps.

    This is all assuming you are on the current PRL (as of 3/1/11) 60676
    IF YOUR PRL IS UP TO DATE IT IS 60675 as of 2/18/11. This is not doing anything to your PRL. It isn't updating it if you are on 60675, It isn't downgrading it to something else. For some reason THE PROCESS OF UPDATING THE PRL AFTER A DATA UPDATE IS KILLING THE SPEEDS ON SOME PHONES!
    Radio and software version should not matter but I only tested 2
    If you must update your prl do it in the order I have listed. If you ever update it again, you will have to do this process again.

    I have spent two hours testing this on two different roms and the results speak for themselves. I have run through the process over 75 times, updating prl, and not and the results are there EVERY TIME. This should apply to all Evos EXCEPT ASOP. ​

    First Get your MSL

    stock: call sprint or use the method I will list later. Sprint will give it to you if you get the right person and ask nicely.
    CDMA WORKSHOP METHOD [How To] Retrieve MSL CDMA Workshop Method - xda-developers

    Rooted Sense: use msl reader from the market. I added the link.
    Write this MSL# down, I guarantee you will need it again. Keep it safe.
    QR Thanks Evox2

    Rooted ASOP: results may vary but some have had success restoring a sense backup, and then going back to ASOP. Don't wipe.

    Download speedtest.net from the market or use Broadband Speed Test my-speedtest(.)com from your phones browser to test your internet speed. Remember to run the tests 3 or 4 times each time.

    Update prl first it should be 60675
    TURN OFF GPS> Thanks Early Mon!
    Go to Phone
    Type in ##3282#>>>Fixed...sorry for the confusion
    Select Edit
    Enter MSL
    Select Advanced
    scroll down to the last two, the http proxy settings and replace the settings with 0 -----------just one zero in each will work fine----------- (I get no credit for this one it iis all over the web)

    Change HTTP PD Proxy port from 8085 to 0
    Change HTTP PD Proxy address from pd.vog.sprintpcs.com to
    some say they get better results with so lets do it that way

    This isn't new info...we are just doing this while we are in there. Some have reported a small increase in speeds after doing it...but nothing as significant as what NOT UPDATING the PRL after Data has shown.

    Use your arrow on your phone to go back
    Select Data Profile
    Hit Menu
    Select restore
    Hit OK to reboot...

    After going through the set up process (Handsfree Activation, LET IF FINISH) you will select ok

    Wait for the phone to finish it's thing. 3g Icon should be on, go off, then come back on.

    Test speeds.

    If I am right...EVERYONE will have speeds like never before. If you update your PRL you will have to do this again..and your speeds will drop to the insanely low speeds again.

    Once there is a new software update or PRL update I will update this with any changes. I will most likely edit it further after dinner and clean it up a bit.


    If this information is not new I do apologize. I was unaware that the PRL updates were knocking something out of whack with the Profile update. If someone else deserves credit please let me know. I honestly figured this out over the past two hours after trying to find a solution to my internet speeds dropping to completely nothing for most of the day.


    It is my belief that this is why most are not seeing the speed increases that others are.

    my speeds went from .05-.3 Mbps to 1.5+ MBps download. Upload doesn't change much and varies from .25 Mbps to .7 Mbps


    Again, If I am crazy, I am sorry. I have a very absent minded way of doing things.

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I will test 4g tomorrow and see if it has had any effect on 4g.
  3. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    Any reason why this wouldnt stick if i went back to a nandroid of a sense rom, did this fix, then went to my nandroid of CM7?

    MSL Reader for those who like QR codes

    You can just plug this into your OP if you want and i can edit this post accordingly.
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  4. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    ok i called the number ##3283# and it just says the number you have enter is incorrect please try and call the number again. so what am i doing wrong?
  5. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    it's ##3283# but I get nothing when I do that number either
  6. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    oh sorry just typed it wrong but i used the right number when trying to call.... and i get nothing...
  7. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    AFAIK its ##3282#. Then after pressing the last #, the epst window should pop up, then you select edit. Dont hit call or whatever.

    And there is no EPST on AOSP (CM or MIUI). So you'll have to flash a sense rom for this work.
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  8. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    and you just solved my problem :) Thank you!
  9. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    I have mikfroyo 4.5 and I can't get it to work either
  10. Xtremedays

    Xtremedays Well-Known Member

    I tried it also and got nothing, but I am running on Evervolv b3 so it may be an issue with the GB dialer. Are you guys running on Froyo or GB roms?

    Guess I should refresh first before commenting :)

    If I restore to a sense rom, do this then restore my Evervolv backup will this stick?
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    It will not work on ASOP...the EPST menu is not there. Devs are working on a workaround but I haven't seen anything yet.

    sorry guys editing my post now I din't even think of that.

    Flashing back and forth works for some, for others it does not.

    I also had a typo up there with the whole ##3823# thing. I was trying to get this out before I sat down for dinner.

    It is in fact ##3282#
  12. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    Right now im at work but i'll be off in an hour. I'll flash a sense rom then back to CM7 and will report back on what i find out. I dont see why it wouldnt.
  13. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    Thanks it did work using that # should I notice a difference in how quickly web pages load. Also you did say to change the bottom 2 http proxy settings to 0 correct, because the last one had a Sprint address in it.
  14. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    i just tried this as well. i typed ##3283# and nothing is happening as well. i'm currently running king's ultra froyo. i also tried ##3282# and nothing.

  15. Same problem here. Mikfroyo 4.5 and the number doesn't work.
  16. Xtremedays

    Xtremedays Well-Known Member

    Check the posts up....it is 3282 rather than 3283
  17. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Change HTTP PD Proxy port from 8085 to 0
    Change HTTP PD Proxy port from pd.vog.sprintpcs.com to 0

    one of the things I was coming back to add :p

    These may need to be added back in at a later date, but are part of a push fix that Sprint has sent out to some phones.

    There are a number of things that affect page load but yes, you should see a difference when on 3g.
  18. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

  19. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    I'm having an issue...

    Followed all the instructions but with regard to what was mentioned above...the last TWO proxy settings "set to 0" ("zero")...and the last one with the Sprint address. Specifically I had:

    HTTP PD Proxy Port: 8085
    HTTP PD Proxy Address: pd.vog.sprintpcs.com

    I changed BOTH to 0 (zero)...

    HOWEVER...now I cannot get a 3G connection!!

    When I rebooted I was WATCHING and WATCHING. I got some sort of message about "Connecting Hands Free" ??? or something like and CANCELED!! Wasn't sure if that was what Mr. Ed said to "WATCH YOUR PHONE FOR" and cancel but I did.

    And like I said, now I don't have 3G connectivity. I tried to run speedtest and no network connectivity.

    Any thoughts?? Is there a simple way for me to turn 3G "back on" or do I need to go back and do something over again??

  20. For sake of editing, this line:
    Needs to read "3g", not "#g".
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  21. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    Thank you Sir
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  22. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    you need to wait for that step to complete and hit ok.,then cancel the prl update. no worries, just repeat the data profile steps and go from there.
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  23. If my small sampling is any indication, it does improve 4G speeds as well. I just completed this process and here are my before/after speedtest results.

    3G Speed Test
    Before (speeds in mbps) ----------------- After (speeds in mbps)
    1 down ----------------------------------1.7 down
    .5 up ----------------------------------- .6 up

    .9 down -------------------------------- 1.3 down
    .3 up -----------------------------------.5 up

    1.3 down ------------------------------- 1.6 down
    .6 up ----------------------------------- .5 up

    4G Speed Test
    Before (speeds in mbps) ----------------- After (speeds in mbps)
    6.3 down ------------------------------- 8.4 down
    1 up ------------------------------------ 1 up

    6.3 down ------------------------------- 6.6 down
    1 up ------------------------------------ 1 up

    5.9 down ------------------------------- 6.4 down
    1 up ------------------------------------ 1 up

    It isn't a huge bump, but it is something. I did 5 tests each time and threw out the highest and lowest, leaving the 3 you see here from each test.

    Not bad OP. Not bad at all.

    Edit: Sorry it isn't that clean looking. Had to use the dashes to keep it from auto-formatting the spaces.
  24. mdizzle99

    mdizzle99 Well-Known Member

    Is there any possible negative consequence of deleting the proxy server from your phone? I do not know very much about these types of things, but I do know that proxy servers are often used as firewalls to protect the device. Is this true for the Evo?

    Like I said, I really have no idea. I am just throwing this out there. I am obviously not worried about it too much because I did this fix a couple weeks ago.

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