Make a button appear after a certain amount of secounds?

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  1. alexjpallo

    alexjpallo New Member

    When my apps starts I would like to have a button become un-visible after about 5 seconds and show up so users can click it, can I do that? How?


  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    Your sentence makes no sense. You want a button to become un-visible (invisible), and show up (huh?) so people can click on it?:eek:
  3. alexjpallo

    alexjpallo New Member

    ya your right.. I meant I made a button invisible in the properties and when my app starts up I would like the button to be come visible after 5 seconds. Do I need to use the clock and set a timer in seconds, well I cant figure it out.
  4. appinventor

    appinventor Active Member

    In Screen Designer, drag out a Clock component from the Basic tab.
    In the properties window, uncheck Timer Allways Fires.
    set the Interval to 5000. (milliseconds)
    Uncheck the Visible method for Button1.

    In the Blocks Editor:
    Drag out a Clock1.Timer event block.
    inside the Clock1.Timer event block put your Button1.Visible block and set it to true.

    When the user switches to the screen with the button, or if it is in Screen1 when the app opens, there will be a 5 second delay before the button appears.
    The way a timer works, it's delay happens first then the blocks inside get executed, not the other way around.

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