Make More SD Card Partitions - How?

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  1. BloodBlade

    BloodBlade Well-Known Member


    i just got a Samsung Micro SD 32 GB Card the other day. i followed this guide

    and downloaded the latest blooddawn ctmod rom. i was able to do everything in the guide and made a partition of around 4 gb for internal storage. i wanted to know if it was possible if i can make another partition to increase it a bit. i download a lot especially updates that eat up my internal storage, that's why. i feel like a noob so please go easy on me :p. tho i seem to recall reading that the ctmod rom transfers all the downloaded programs to the sd card. i have approximately 25.34 gb on that right now. this probably all sounds like overkill but i just don't want to have to be without room anytime in the foreseeable future.

  2. cwhatever

    cwhatever Life Goes On Guide

    Making another partition won't give you more you can use the kouma app in settings to make it bigger I think? but I would use what you got ( which should be more then enough) and then is easy enough to up grade later.
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  3. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    I have over 100 apps installed and haven't even come close to filling the 1gb partition I made. If you have 4gb, you're set for life. I don't think you could fill that up if you tried.
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  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    No doubt. A 4 gb partition is P-lenty IMO.
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  5. BloodBlade

    BloodBlade Well-Known Member

    ok thanks guys. appreciate the help. you can close the thread. :)

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