Make phone calls through pc via usb

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  1. SkyHiRider

    SkyHiRider New Member

    Is there an Android/Windows app for using my pc to make phone calls(use pc mic, sound system and camera) when connected by usb? I heard that it can be done via bluetooth, but if bluetooth can do it so should USB!

  2. Why would you need your phone tethered to your PC if you can make phone calls from your PC/Mac or laptop without it? (With e.g. Skype; free from PC/Mac/laptop to PC/Mac/laptop).
  3. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Brilliant reasoning. :rolleyes:

    That's not the case. There's some overlap in their functionality but what one can do has no bearing on the other. There's far more to it than just connecting everything and expecting packets to flow where they need to.
  4. arjunsdarkside

    arjunsdarkside New Member

    Have the same requirement, only I want to make calls from my GSM number, using my PC...any suggestions?
  5. If Apple users can have free worldwide 'Facetime' videocalling on every iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and all Macs with OSX.6.5, then why can't the Android community have the same? Afaik there are 3 times more Android phones out there than there are iPhone 4s, despite all the hot air hoopla.

    The next step would of course be to seamlessly connect the 2 systems with each other.
    Something for Skype?

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