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  1. SamHain19

    SamHain19 New Member

    Hey everyone. New android user here and a complete n00b as to how this all works. Anyway, is there any way to create albums in the gallery? I have Camera_Internal for pix and vids I've taken (any way to separate photos and videos too?), sdcard for photos from pic messaging, and download for pix I've downloaded from online. Can I make my own albums or am I stuck with this?

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    You can create folders on either your internal memory or SD card. Once you store pictures in a folder they will pop up in the gallery.
  3. rosemary2011

    rosemary2011 Member

    i have the same problem~ now i get it
    thank you
  4. SamHain19

    SamHain19 New Member

    This might be a stupid question exactly do I do that?

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