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  1. kevinksj

    kevinksj Member

    I use windows media player to manage my music and make playlists. I have no problem syncing music to my device. What I want is a way to make playlists for my music from the computer instead of the tedious methods available on the handset. To clarify: by "playlist" I do not mean that I want to set up a specific group of music to sync instead of syncing all my music every time. I mean playlist in the same way the word is used in the built in Android media player.

    If it makes a difference my device is the Droid.


  2. Manzano

    Manzano Member

    Hey Kevin,

    Did you ever figure out a way to do what you wanted?
    I'm looking for the same thing. Make a playlist from the pc and transfer to Droid. If you find anything, let me now.
  3. juan_cabrera1985

    juan_cabrera1985 New Member

    Im looking for that too....=(
  4. kevinksj

    kevinksj Member

    Yea I did figure it out. You can actually put your windows media player playlists (.wpl files) on your SD card and it will import them into your media library (at least in 2.0).

    The only problem with this method is that the music files on your phone must be stored in the same directory as specified in the playlist file. You can open the playlist file in notepad to look at it and make changes. Also if your music gets converted when it is synced to your phone make sure the file extension still matches the playlist's record.

    If you are an iTunes user I think there is some program that you can get that works as a bridge between your phone and iTunes, but I do not know anything else about that.

    Good luck!
  5. juan_cabrera1985

    juan_cabrera1985 New Member

    I will, try to find the program for Itunes because thats the program i use. tnx for the information :D
  6. kurpaige

    kurpaige Well-Known Member

    Double Twist works for that bridge between itunes and the phone. I have it set to take 5 playlist and sync them to my Hero and it works with no problems and even copies over the playlists to the phone.
  7. doubleTwist works well with Windows Media Player too.
  8. lawrencejerrya

    lawrencejerrya New Member

    Found the below on another site while trying find the answer also. It worked great.

    I have found that I can sync my music in windows media player but....when I sync a playlist, the music pulls over but not the playlist itself (I have to manually pull the file from the playlist folder in "my music" on the pc and copy it to the music folder on the droid)

    keyword for searches for other people looking for this answer

    transfer wmp playlist to andriod
    transfer wml to andriod
    copy wml playlist to andriod
  9. Loch

    Loch Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it works other Phones, but the MediaGo program with my x10 imports iTunes and WMP playlists just fine, then transfers them to my phone with no problem.
  10. archsin1027

    archsin1027 New Member

    Best Answer
    Not sure if anyone cares anymore but I figured I'd share anyways in case anyone else googles their way here. From the computer:

    Put all the songs you want in a playlist on your phone.
    Select them all.
    Right click > make a playlist.

    Wish I would have found this a year ago or so. :/
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  11. angelsix

    angelsix Member

    I keep all my music (in my Note II, but this has been the same in my previous Android phones) in a folder called Music in my SD card. I use Windows Explorer to create it, with USB cord connected to my computer and phone set to USB Debug (a little harder to find in my latest phone, but it's there). Also, created playlists on my computer with Windows Media Player, and JRiver Media Player. WMP creates .wpl files. JRMP exports to .m3u format. I keep these in a subdirectory called "playlist" in my Music directory on my phone.

    Android scans the SD card on startup, finds these playlist files, matches them up with the songs in my phone. Even though the playlist directory locations in the .wpl and .m3u files are for my computer -- somehow Android can find them in my phone anyway.

    (Digression ... if I move music to a different directory or drive in my computer, both WMP and JRMP are unable to use the playlist files. If Android can find the songs wherever they are, WMP and JRMP should have that option too.)

    Note that I use MixZing as my music player, but it doesn't handle this playlist issue ... that's handled by Android (standard music player, I guess).

    Odd note ... it seems to be important that the subdirectory for my playlist files be "playlist" (singular). I tried having the subdirectory be called "My Playlists" like Windows 7 created it, only to have Android decide that meant I wanted 2 playlists for each of my playlist files. Really. No idea why. I deleted all of those (double) playlists (using MixZing), transferred all the playlist files to "playlist", rebooted phone, and now I have one, and only one, playlist for each of the playlist files. This is something I figured out a couple of phones ago, and don't remember where I got it.

    I've tried other programs which are supposed to automate this process, like Double Twist (Doubletwist?) and they drove me crazy. I like the simplicity of drag & drop (well, simplicity, now that I figured it out).
  12. Jacked

    Jacked New Member

    thanx for this, used 3/15
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  13. Abdelrahman Zayed

    Abdelrahman Zayed New Member


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