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make this wallpaper fit full screenSupport

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    MOCKIN U New Member

    i bought some cool skins on ebay which 3 came for $10 which you can find stupid easy with a search but they come with matching wallpapers but when I put them on they go on as images and of course we dont get the full image you have to zoom/crop it and you dont get the whole image.

    Photobucket might resize this so I hope it works but this image I want as a full size. Is there a certain folder to put it in to get it to full size?


  2. coastal_carolina

    coastal_carolina Well-Known Member

  3. BombTheSystem

    BombTheSystem Member

    I tried using your method but it still doesn't give me a full screen wallpaper image. It actually makes the picture a bit smaller on the preview screen but the little green box doesn't ever get big enough to crop the whole picture it self. It sucks that the my Incredible can't use any picture as a wallpaper just how the Iphone does. I love my phone but little things like these really make me think I didn't receive a total package. Thanks for the tip though buddy I was hoping it worked but in my case it didn't maybe for someone else it will. I guess for now I will have to keep using those wallpaper apps that make all their pictures fit perfectly on my phone.
  4. BombTheSystem

    BombTheSystem Member

    I found an app called wallpaper wizard and it works perfect for cropping pictures and allowing you to have a custom wallpaper

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