Make wifi work off contract. ROOT NOT REQUIRED!Tips

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  1. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I stumbled upon the solution to this while researching more into how to flash the phone to another carrier. Turns out, it's really easy to re-enable wifi on the Devour when off contract (or not activated with Verizon).

    1. From the home screen, open the dialer.
    2. Dial: ##PROGRAM (##7764726) and press Call.
    3. A prompt should pop up: Enter SPC password. Type in six zeroes ("000000"). Press "Verify"
    4. Go into "01 User Activation"
    5. Under "MIN" and "MDN" enter any 10-digit phone number (as long as they're the same). Almost anything besides "0000005968" will work, even "5555555555". If you're activated on another carrier, enter your current phone number. Don't mess with the IMSI_11_12 option.
    6. Press "Done"
    7. It should put you back to the main PROGRAM menu. Press back to get back to your home screen.
    8. When you get back to your home screen, a message should pop up saying "Phone will restart now" so let it do its thing. If not then try rebooting manually.

    When the phone starts back up, you should be able to turn on wifi. If not, post back here and I'll see what I can figure out. Otherwise, enjoy Android Market or web browsing on your wifi enabled Devour!

    Also, if you have that little triangle on your status bar on the top of the screen (the Digital Roaming indicator), there's a very simple way to get rid of that, too. You can do this at the same time as following the steps above. DON'T do this is you are flashed onto another carrier.
    1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
    2. Change "CDMA system ID" to match where you live according to THIS chart.
    3. Exit and let the phone restart.

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  2. bluesmanjay

    bluesmanjay New Member

    I followed your instructions and now I'm able to turn the wifi on! Thank you very much for this. Very easy to do.
  3. limitless

    limitless New Member

    P_025 you rock!

    Thanks for sharing this solution, yesterday I was told I'd have to flash my phone in order to get wifi working and today I'm surfing thanks to you.

    God Bless.
  4. grandrejko

    grandrejko New Member

    Well done. It works for me. Now I have wifi avaible. Thank you.
  5. victorr

    victorr Member

    CDMA system ID different for other carrier. For example Intertelecom (Ukraine) has 15906. Without this parameter devices doesn't see network (or with troubles).This parameter also should write in Sid/Nid pair menu.
    And don't forget download PRL file to devices.
  6. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    Oh CRAP, you're right, and it's different depending on what state you live in… Jesus Christ.
  7. theiftechnique

    theiftechnique New Member

    tried it twice, couldnt get it to work. my devour might be busted not sure.
  8. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    Can you be more specific? What are you trying to set for MIN/MDN? Was this phone activated before? Are you flashed on a different carrier?

    I've followed this process from a fresh SBF flash at least six times now, and it worked every time.
  9. erickrocks1126

    erickrocks1126 Active Member

    Awesome, it worked! Thanks for this!
  10. ksudhir

    ksudhir New Member

    I could follow all the instructions on droid 1 (which is just deactivated from VZ) since I moved to new phone.. and wanted to use it just for browsing..

    I finished all the 8 steps and restarted the phone. .however.
    whenever I connect to any wifi.. It just automatically disconnects. or just keeps lingering in "obtaining ip address".. I know for sure, its not a router problem.. but the phone issue..
    I never had wifi issue when this phone was activated on VZ.. .
  11. erickrocks1126

    erickrocks1126 Active Member

    Well...I'm not sure. I've had the same issues with other devices as well. My Dell Streak 7 went into an "infinite" obtaining ip address loop when I was at several public places. It never disconnected as you described though, just stayed locked in the "obtaining ip address". In the same places, others around me were having the same issue, some on tablets some on laptops. Later when I went to the same places again, it picked up the ip address no problem. My Droid 1 however did the same thing you described above. But then a day later it hooked up on the local wifi no issues. Not sure what the issue is or was but it seems to have self resolved. Honestly I think it may have been the wifi routers. You know how sometimes you have to reboot your cable modem, if you run cable internet, because it jacks up for whatever reason? It may have been the same reason...sometimes a rest is needed on the provider side as well. Just a thought.
  12. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I did this for the Devour because I still have mine, off contract, and I still like to play with it. Often, I break it and need to do an SBF flash. That's the main reason I wanted to figure out how to make wifi work again; I do SBF flashes quite often and my phone is no longer activated.

    I can't say anything for whether this will work on the Droid 1, though, since they are completely different phones. The Droid 1 was super popular, had an unlocked bootloader, had a ton of developer support, and was actually updated past Android 1.6. The Devour never saw any kind of developer work (besides getting rooted, and even that was carried over from the Droid X) and it was never popular. If you ask me, it seems like Motorola intentionally programmed the phone to refuse to activate wifi unless it had a phone number associated with it. The whole process is kind of silly and should not be necessary. But there you go.
  13. RomansVIII28

    RomansVIII28 Member

    Thanks P_025, I used your helpful post to fix the wifi on the phone I just got for my Mama. I bought it off ebay and was concerned I may have to return it. But then I found your post and my second try at the process you posted worked perfectly.

    BTW, I wouldn't recommend using 0000002276 on step five. I tried it first with no success, but my second try with different numbers worked just as you said.
  14. RomansVIII28

    RomansVIII28 Member

    I am now having an issue when I turn the phone off and back on. It isn't saving my wifi information nor any google sign-in information. It's as if I never set it up every time I need to power back up after turning the phone off.

    So I was wondering, is there something I'm missing that I need to do to fix this or is the phone just not working properly? The phone is not yet activated though the plan is to put it on page plus eventually. I just cannot figure out why it won't save the wifi details, google sign-in info, etc. It also doesn't save anything I download, such as games from the Android Market.

    I hope it's okay I posted all this here. Any help including suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    Would you happen to be using ##BLUROFF to bypass MotoBlur? The phone forces itself to do a factory data reset when restarted after doing that, and the only way I could find to fix it was to root it and delete the APK which forces it to do that. The process is a bit complicated but it was well worth the effort for me. I use my Devour as a nice little portable music player now.

    I outlined a step-by-step process for how to do it in the roms, rooting and hax section of this forum, give it a look. You only need to do it once!

    EDIT: here:
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  16. RomansVIII28

    RomansVIII28 Member

    Yes, I was doing the ##BLUROFF. Thanks for the response, now I wondering if I activated the phone with Page Plus (I bought it for my Mama, she wants to use it with Page Plus). Would I still need to do the root too before or after in order for her to keep wifi? I am considering doing the root for her either way, just wondering if needed in this case or only if using as you use yours.
  17. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I would do the Motoblur bypass before activating on another carrier. Then do the wifi activation thing, chances are you'll need to use the ##PROGRAM menu to use a different carrier anyway.

    What really kicks wifi into working again is changing the MDN and MIN number as outlined above.
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  18. RomansVIII28

    RomansVIII28 Member

    OK, so you're saying I can just do the Motoblur bypass like I did previously, and change the MDN and MIN like I did, then I can activate without using the root process? I figured once activated on Page Plus I wouldn't need to do the bypass anyway, so then no more issues with the factory reset after powering off. Wouldn't that be correct to say?

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