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Making calls by itselfGeneral

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  1. guyathomas

    guyathomas Member

    I have had several calls made from my HTC Droid Eris when I have not made the call. The call seems to generate by itself for no reason. Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a way to lock down the 'call' mode so that it can't just make a call by itself. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear that the phone makes calls by itself.

    Thanks for your help....

  2. Mortgage_It

    Mortgage_It Well-Known Member

    are you locking your phone after use? i lock my phone after using it by quickly pressing the physical end key on bottom right corner. nothing will happen until you press this button again and then swipe the screen to unlock. i gotta say, i have used many devices in the past and this is simply the best locking device i have ever used. i leave it in my pocket and have never mis-dialed.
  3. graywolferis1

    graywolferis1 Well-Known Member

    I have yet to misdial.
  4. aeroplane

    aeroplane Member

    I have had issues with "pocket dialing" even after locking the phone with the end button. I think that the problem is that you can unlock by simply pressing the menu button, instead of requiring a swipe.

    I just set up the pattern lock feature. Hopefully that will prevent this in the future!
  5. Syv3n

    Syv3n Well-Known Member

    Download an App off the market called "Not Call Log Prefs" and when you download it open it up and set the drop down box to "Home". This has helped stop all my accidental calls. Once you hang up from a call it will take you right back to the home screen rater than the dial screen so you don't misdial the last person you talked to or whoever else. Let me know if this fixes your problem.
  6. JenKen

    JenKen New Member

    I have a droid and have been having the same problem... It's called numbers that aren't in my contact list but are on my visual voice mail. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when this happens. Has anyone else had a problem with visual voice mail doing this???
  7. guyathomas

    guyathomas Member

    Thanks. I did download that program and it seems to work. Thanks !
  8. jwtrustman

    jwtrustman New Member

    "not call log prefs" seems to have disappeared. Any thoughts or help?
  9. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Well-Known Member

    Search "Not Call Log" in the market. Its the first one on the list.
  10. laurentypo

    laurentypo Well-Known Member

    Not call log did help me, but my phone still dialed random people every so often. I did have to get Verizon to send me a refurb. Eris, because it had so many issues. Now the refurb. has the silent bug, and the dial buttons "stick," so I can't make calls sometimes.
  11. fenwaynomar45

    fenwaynomar45 Well-Known Member

    I have an app called Call Confirm and it just simply says r u sure u want to call? so chances of pocket dialing are less rare. Hasnt happened to me since i downloaded it
  12. a7xnocturnal

    a7xnocturnal Active Member

    x2 for Call confirm
  13. rycheme

    rycheme Well-Known Member

    I've had this happen as well, my Eris randomly calls people that are in my contact list - and I am diligent about locking the phone. It'll just be sitting there on my desk with no one touching it (except perhaps a ghost), and then all of a sudden I hear talking coming through the speaker.

    I have the silent bug as well, my replacement should be coming Friday - but I'm honestly not hopeful that things will get better since all of 'like new' phones are the refurbs from the folks that have the bugs :)
  14. nggomez60

    nggomez60 Active Member

    My phone does this all the time. The main trigger is usually Pandora radio. When I click "next song" it calles the last person I called. It also happens spontaneously where my screen just turns on and I think it is an incoming call until I put it up to my ear and it is actually me calling someone(not a pocket dial, happens when sitting on a desk). I did a hard reset and that seemed to work for now but it has only been a week so time will tell.
  15. UTorange

    UTorange Active Member

    yeah, i have this problem too but i have an evo. could it be an app that we have installed? mine called someone last night at 5 in the morning. i was asleep and my phone was on my desk.
  16. Tooleman694

    Tooleman694 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes my dialer has lag and ill try to call someone and it never calls..

    ill walk away from my phone and ill notice when I come back it actually made the call..
  17. Hiroshika

    Hiroshika Well-Known Member

    Some apps (not gonna name any) maliciously dial pay per minute numbers in order to gain money. So check the permissions of the apps to make sure that they arent the culprit.
  18. wacofan

    wacofan Member

    I had the same problem. It was calling on its own way to frequently and the bad part was I had a heart attack earlier in the year so it would call and people would answer and I was not responding so they would get worried. Eventually they got use to my invisable calls. I finally installed Not Call Log which helped but was not perfect so eventually added Call confirm and things are much better. Only 13 more months and I get to exchange this phone, can't wait.
  19. UTorange

    UTorange Active Member

    If you know of any please let us know. Because i want to know why my phone did this.
  20. waimea

    waimea New Member

    I have this exact problem, which creeps in every couple of weeks. I called Verizon to get technical support. The tech could not help me but he said that no outgoing call were made by my telephone. He was supposedly able to view all calls made by my telephone. None of the calls are made to anyone on my People List but to random numbers.

    At each occurence, my Eris did not log an outgoing call. The tech said that someone could be cloning my telephone number to hide theirs. Honestly don't know. Running leaked 2.1 V3.

  21. qpqpzmzm

    qpqpzmzm Member

    Ya this is definitely an Android issue. i have the Android Dext phone and was baffled by my friends telling me my phone was ghost dialing them at weird hours. Friends I had not called in recent history.

    I finally got to see it in action as I was driving and had the phone on the seat beside me. I happened to look over at the phone and saw it was dialing. I hit 'end call', which it did, but then it immediately tried to dial that same contact again. I again hit end call and we went through this 5 times as it immediately then tried to call him again.

    I then looked at the outbound call log and saw that every time I hit 'end call' it was then dialing the next number I had for him in my contacts lists. It was dialing his work, home office, fax, home and cell numbers.

    I had to kind of laugh because it was like the phone was possessed and determined to get through to the contact no matter what I wanted,

    What I can tell you is this is not an issue of hitting redial or anything to do with contact or activity with the phone. Most of my ghost calls are made when the phone is sitting idle for hours.
  22. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    That's bizarre. I have no idea what to do short of a factory reset or exchange for a different phone.
  23. dgilles428

    dgilles428 New Member

    I am on my third, Samsung Moment, and one even had several hard resets and nothing helped .. I hate this phone but have many months left in my contract. It makes random pocket calls and emails to contacts, never the last calls I made. I just installed Not Call Log -- and noticed Call Confirm was recommended -- has anyone used Call Confirm with Ford Sync? -- I'm not sure how to confirm a call when Sync is used to dial. In addition, Ford Sync seems to take over 10 minutes everytime I get a different phone or hard reset -- its a pain, but is that normal? Or just for Android phones? Thanks
  24. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't it just directly directly dial through the phone? I would think it would bypass call confirm over Bluetooth.

    But what do you mean by Ford sync "taking over"?
  25. dgilles428

    dgilles428 New Member

    Sync doesn't take over -- I meant the phonebook download to sync takes over 10 minutes and seems to be required before I can make a call.

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