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Making Dialer Use Contact List Rather than Call HistoryGeneral

  1. Misato

    Misato Member

    When I use the phone's dialer (the conveniently labeled 'Phone') it brings up my call history, which I find rather useless. I'd much rather have my contact list there.

    If I wanted to call people who called me back I'd have answered the phone in the first place. So I'd like the phone to leave the call history somewhere else and have the dialer bring up my contact list instead. Can it be done?

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Guides Guide

    After you hit phone, your contacts are listed below your recent calls if you scroll down, or if you start typing in the name (T9 method) the contact will populate. So hit the phone button and do one swipe down and there are your contacts. Or if you want to call "John" hit phone, then press "5646".

    Or just put a shortcut to the "people" app on your home screen.

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