Making money in china

  1. jaybirch

    jaybirch New Member

    Probably the age old question... I tried a search and didn't find much, so apologies if this has been answered.

    We get 500+ installs per day from China, yet AdMob only gets about 200 requests and makes just a few cents (could there be some kind of ad blocker, how can it get so few requests?)

    We've tried AppFlood, and get nothing. DoMob seems to be impossible unless you are chinese.

    Any other options?

    Thanks, Jay

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Probably the same one Microsoft uses about the millions of illegal copies of Windows nd Office sold in and from China. Grin and bear it. (You have to recognize the difference between something that can be done and something that can't be done, and stop wasting your efforts on the latter.)
  3. jaybirch

    jaybirch New Member

    Thanks for the reply, but these are legitimate installs from Google Play, not a ripped APK.

    We just need to find the best way to covert these installs into ad revenue.

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