Making the switch from Bell to Rogers

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  1. Delux

    Delux Member

    Hey everyone,

    recently ive been interested in the android network, was hoping on the iphone bandwagon, but... i like to be different from what everyone else is doing.

    im buying out my bell contract, and signing with rogers. i know the selection on rogers is pretty crappy, and i have been looking towards telus for the droid, but to me telus service isnt good where i live.

    so basically im on the fence of which android to go with on rogers,i dont mind plans, and sure the nexus 1 is out there, but im fine with going on a plan. ive read and watched many reviews onthe X10,with many saying it gets slow, and choppy, and wont have support of an update until THE END OF THE YEAR! :eek: and then the other phone im looking at is the HTC magic +, which im not too big a fan of HTC (im about to whip my HTC touch against the wall, POS). so basically, im wondering if you guys can shoot me some comments and opinions about your thoughts on rogers devices and what the best options are.

    thank you for reading.


  2. bgoody

    bgoody Well-Known Member

    Hi. Rogers does NOT support their Android phones especially the Magic. Android is about the software not the hardware. Get a phone that has 2.2 on it or at a minimum 2.1 with a fixed date for upgrade.

    The only phone that gets the updates guaranteed and first is the Nexus. Buy it, you won't be disappointed and you can stay with Bell or go with Telus or Rogers.

    On another note, here in Montreal the Rogers 3G network is operating at around 2g so you won't get the performance any phone is capable of.
  3. egemenbor

    egemenbor Well-Known Member

    also theres no point going on a 3 year plan to buy a very outdated phone either buy a phone outright like a nexus one or just wait for better phones to come out
  4. iTyler

    iTyler Active Member

    I know you said you didn't mind going on contract but I'd still give the nexus one a look. Rogers isn't the best in terms of upgrading software, which isn't an issue with the nexus one.
  5. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Unless you can get a better deal with Rogers, I don't know why you want to switch from Bell and pay the termination fee.

    +1 for Nexus One, if you get that you can use it on the Bell network. Bell will be carrying the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). Bell Canada to launch Samsung Galaxy S, will use Vibrant moniker Boy Genius Report

    The Vibrant and Nexus One are in my opinon the best Android phones accessible in Canada (Vibrant soon).

    If you want an idea of how bad the support for upgrading the OS is read these threads:
  6. surf_r_dude

    surf_r_dude Well-Known Member

    Go with the X10 or the rumored Galaxy S when it comes out.

    With the x10 you can download PC Companion on your PC and you can get the latest software and firmware directly from the Sony Ericsson team. Thats what I've done and i'm running the latest firmware. My X10 is also running PSX4Droid and thanks to the latest firmware update it runs nearly perfect.

    Also the X10 is a pretty sexy phone
  7. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    And what version is that currently? Is it beyond 1.6? I have a friend with one and this is her 1st smartphone so she's not at all geeky. However I wasn't as impressed with the phone as I could have been if it were running something much better. I feel bad for her waiting on R and S to push something more suitable. Not sexy enough until flashed properly. 1st I've heard of this possibility. do cite
  8. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    Ya the X10 did have an update a few weeks ago and it Makes the phone great.. even with 1.6 also the phone has been rooted and the dev's are working on getting 2.2 ported over.. and they are not that far away... I had the X10 till I rolled my car and the phone broke but its a great phone... the best one rogers has rate now but if you can wait the Samsung S will be out in sept if not before.. this was leaked from Samsung
  9. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Perhaps my friend's X10 came with the update because it still doesn't show any updates available. If that is the case then someone at R or S is having coding problems, I'm not impressed. There are a few bugs that even my newbie user friend is seeing. If it was me I'd be more hopeful since 3rd party roms are possible but for her phone I'd much rather keep it stock. I waited 6 months before giving up on a Magic update for my daughter's phone, she's now much happier running CM5.
  10. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    Did she download PC Companion from Sony to do the update?? if not you have to download it from Sony rogers does not have it on there site or OTA.
  11. surf_r_dude

    surf_r_dude Well-Known Member

    Yes the phone is still running 1.6 but with the latest firmware update has to be the most responsive and quick build of 1.6 i've experienced, not to mention its running a custom UI
  12. Delux

    Delux Member

    i bought myself a Nexus one!
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Good to hear that :D So are you sticking with Bell or did you move to Rogers? How are you liking your Nexus so far? :)
  14. Delux

    Delux Member

    im actually going to move on to fido or wind, they have what i need for cheaper prices, only thing is, im not sure how wind mobile works

    wow, this phone is amazing, BIG upgrade from my HTC Touch, the screen is outstanding,and the battery life is really awesome, i just put the droid x live BG on right now, really does look beautiful on there lol.

    by the way, scanner buddy... WICKED APP! lol roze, is there any other apps i should pick up that will benifit fun time as well as easy use on my phone? can you also recommend some games? (games ive picked up are lacking lol) thanks alot

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